Some Basic Facts about Teeth Whitening you must know

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To keep your teeth healthy, white, and bright brushing and flossing are everyday ways. Still, you’re not alone if you might feel that some sparkle is missing in your smile or lacking or is more yellow. The majority of people nearly 90% want whiter teeth because they give them a number of incentives that include fresh appearance, boosted self-confidence, and attractive look. If you think your teeth are discolored or yellowish, you may consider taking professional teeth whitening treatment.

For a number of reasons your teeth can go from white to not-so-bright over time:

Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn

Medications: Side effect of certain high blood pressure, antipsychotics and antihistamines medications can result in tooth darkening. Teeth whitening in Brooklyn is required in such cases.

Tobacco Use: Stubborn stains are created by two chemicals i.e. nicotine and Tar found in tobacco create. Tar is dark in color. Until it’s mixed with oxygen Nicotine is colorless. When it gets in contact with your teeth, it leaves yellowish and brown stains.

Drink and Food: Some major staining culprits are red wine, tea and coffee. Attached to the white, intense color pigments called chromogens effect outer part of your tooth.

Age: A softer area called dentin is present below the white, hard outer shell of your teeth. Over time, more of the yellowish dentin shows through as with brushing the outer enamel layer gets thinner.

Your tooth may change color if you’ve been hit in the mouth. This is because by laying down more dentin it reacts to an injury and under the enamel dentin is a darker layer. You may consult cosmetic dentistry New York for possible solutions.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth Whitening is a simple process. One of two teeth bleaches, carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is contained in whitening products. To make your teeth brighter, these bleaches break stains into smaller pieces which then become easily removable by the professional.

Whitening doesn’t work on all teeth. So, before deciding to whiten your teeth it’s essential to talk to your cosmetic dentistry, as all types of discoloration may not be corrected by whiteners.

Whitening Options

In-clinic Bleaching: Usually, this procedure requires only one clinic visit and is called chairside bleaching. To protect your gums the cosmetic dentist will apply either a rubber shield or protective gel to your gums before starting bleaching.

At-Home Whitening: For at-home teeth whitening, you can be offered with a custom-made tray by your dentist. In this case, for what length of time and how to place the bleaching solution in the tray, you will be given instruction by the dentist.

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