Solar Power is Emerging Source of Renewable Energy in California

by Vikash Kumar Digital Marketing Manager
Solar energy system have become popular in California. Due to the impressive record of environmental policy, it is an ideal location for installing solar photo voltaic panels and solar heating systems. However, if you also want to bring down the cost of your utilities and lower your carbon footprint, installing a solar energy system could be an smart option!

Nowadays, renewable energy is the least expensive option for power generation. It fulfills an essential step of decarbonizing the power sector. Using renewable energy limits the greenhouse gas emissions that can cause climate change.This energy is generated from clean, sustainable sources tapped by innovative technology. Solar companies in Southern California help installing new panels to follow “green energy” alternative.

Solar Panels: Effective Solutions For Energy Needs

Solar panels have been growing in popularity in recent years. It is a set of photovoltaic (PV) modules that are connected electrically and supported by a mounted structure. These modules are collection of packaged and connected solar cells. The solar cells convert thermal energy of sun into electricity both for commercial and residential use.

Quality Solar Panels Increases the Home Value 

Moreover, consumers in California are likely aware of the value of solar panel installation. This in turn increases the value of home as they look out for home with solar panels. Thus, the amount of solar panels will determine rise in value. In other words, more high-quality efficient solar panels the more your home’s worth will rise. 

In order to serve the purpose, your home should have enough space on its roof for solar panel. It needs about 100 square feet of roof for each kilowatt generated. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration the average consumption is about 909 kilowatt-hours (kW) per month.

Get Affordable Option than Other Traditional Energy Sources

Homes with solar panels are more energy efficient and high in demand nowadays. Choosing solar bids goodbye to the soaring electricity costs as well. With rise in traditional energy costs solar is becoming more affordable energy option.Solar panels works on net metering which is nothing but contributing unused electricity back to the utility grid. It promotes private investment in renewable energy. Thus, solar roof panels offer good way to protect against rising energy bills.Also, these are long lasting and require little maintainence. 

In California, this special billing arrangement provides credits to customers with solar PV systems. The Solar panel systems is highly active when the sun is shining.As a result the more electricity  is produced than what is required. This energy goes back to the main utility grid. In this way due to excess electricity you receive credits at full retail rates.

Despite energy benefits, solar power installation help reduce CO2, NOX along with SO2 emissions. Also, they require very little maintenance. Solar panels when installed in homes add significant value to it. Additionally you get special tax benefits and rebates for using clean energy solutions.

California is known as one of the first states in the US to put a huge value on being environmentally friendly and progressive. In southern California solar companies such as Xsunx offer clean and inexpensive solar energy . You get full installation of solar panel system that brings free power into your home without adding to carbon footprint. Using solar power decreases the production of greenhouse gases, lower your utility bills and helps breathe clean air.
The future for solar is remarkably bright.According to Researchers by 2050, world’s main source of electricity will likely be the sun. This massive shift to embrace solar helped build more sustainable future.Utilize the highly efficient commercially available solar panels to innovate effective solar solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Come join the movement towards using cleaner, more affordable energy to save our environment.

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