Smart Home a Future Reality

by Himesh Singh Digital Marketing Trainer
Like smartphones, smart homes are going to creep into your life. A few years down the line, when you buy appliances you will be faced with surveillance systems. To paint your house you will find electronics dissolved in the paint, to maintain the temperature. To renovate your house you will find that doors and windows are no longer simple wooden structures but electronically reinforced super smart security systems. In short, you will no longer find devices that you have to operate but will end up with a house full of devices that talk to each other, manage themselves and ultimately keep you safe and comfortable, too.

Smart thermostats, smart power sockets, energy management systems, connected home monitors, automatic garden sprinklers, HVAC Systems, electronic surveillance systems, connected slow cookers, drones that check who is at the door and more.
Surveillance and Security systems which mainly deal with communication and collaboration between sensors embedded in a smart home is going to be a reality. As of now, you use alarm clocks, in future, a smart alternative could automatically judge how long it takes you to get ready for work and wake you up accordingly considering the traffic on your route. Another interesting scenario is that of multiple homes connected together to form a smart neighborhood that will have improved security systems, surveillance systems, energy efficient systems, building automation systems, HVAC control systems, fire detection & alarm systems, electronics physical security systems, access control systems CCTV surveillance system.

Some wonderful futuristic technologies, right from the door handle. When you arrive at the house today, you find is a snazzy metallic sheet with a small peephole in it. There is no handle or lock visible on the door. But as soon as the biometric camera (What you thought was a peephole) has scanned you and recognized you as an authorized person, a door handle pops out of the sheet, as soon as you touch the handle to pull, it quickly checks your temperature and heart rate to ensure you are okay. If there are any updates it will be communicated to you; such as your child is yet to return from school, you have received a courier and so on. You can also check the whereabouts of other family members as door syncs to their schedules too.

Let us step into the kitchen. Based on the stock inside the fridge and depending on the health parameters collected by the door handle and other connected devices being used by the rest of your family, this smart device gives you the suggestions what to cook. Once the menu is decided, step by step cooking instructions is displayed on the kitchen counter.

Drones will be used as a surveillance system to protect your home. They can hover about and can be controlled by smartphones.

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