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by Vakhtang Jibladze
Starting this game 2  you will manage a funny color worm. He crawls around the virtual field and eats shining particles of food. The more you eat, the faster the worm grows. But in the process of the online game 2, you should always take care of security! After all, clashes with other worms can end up breaking your character into a particularly nutritious meal. Players in a multiplayer location often provoke collisions side by side with their worms - whoever knocked his head, he broke up. Use the same tactic - it’s hard to play online for free, otherwise it’s impossible to endure in a competitive environment for a long time. The game  became one of the most popular fun games in the world in 2016 and there are so many worms crawling on its map!

For those who have come to love agario, it’s enough to know that the game is 2  from the same series. Initiates it will attract like a magnet. The task here is to turn from a tiny worm into a solid snake. That's just to become a full-time representative of the family of reptiles is not so simple. A special tactic is needed for this, otherwise the brethren will devour and not choke. Everyone here is for himself - in the serpentine den of friends does not happen. - play online and become a giant

At the beginning of the game you have to manage a bright big-eyed silly. Immediately learn that the shy are not lucky. More happiness rolls gluttons, and then not for long. And all because playing online at the same time can be played by gamers from all over the world. So the remains of your worm can easily be in the belly of a foreigner. You, in turn, will also be able to enjoy overseas delicacies.
Snakes in the style of are convenient because you can finish the game at any time.

Bribes also its simplicity and ease of management. In addition to the mouse, nothing is needed. It is she who will need to learn how to move so that the worm not only moves around the playing field, but can quickly dodge any collisions. With the help of clicks, you can betray your snake acceleration, this moment is also very important.

The online game is designed in such a way that you need to feed your pet, and in the literal sense of the word you will not be able to eat someone. Having crashed into the smallest worm, you die here. But on your own regrown tail you can crawl into as much as you like. Here you will grow to an impressive size, you will see for yourself how small serpents can be clamped in the ring, but as long as they have not come out in size, beware of such opponent maneuvers.

What tactics to choose
In order for the serpent to successfully grow to the serpent, he will have to collect glowing balls across the playing field. It is they who are in the food and the subject of fights. Snakes of solid size, creeping, just leave behind a train of such luminous points. Moving on them, you can eat a little and be in the thick of things along the way. gameplay features

To control the situation, you need a good overview. So we advise you to open the game to full screen by clicking on the green button located above the playing field. In the upper right corner you will see what you need to strive for, this is where the current list of favorites is located. Immediately below there is a map of the playing field, and in the lower left corner of your current performance.

A very important point is that is a multiplayer game. Over time, you may have sworn enemies here who turned your pet into their own dinner with an enviable constancy. Their names need only remember to come back and take revenge next time.

Having learned how to survive, you can negotiate with friends and enter the game at the same time. So the chance to restore justice will be much greater. And the time you spend fun. With support, you can jointly occupy a virtual terrarium and feel like a winner at least for a while.

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