Slip and Fall Attorneys: Right counsel in injuries involving slip and fall

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Slip and fall are one of the premises liability cases that involve injuries that are caused due to slip or fall. Slip and fall are generally caused by the negligence of the owner and are held on the owner’s property.  The negligent maintenance of the property often results in severe injuries that may lead to long-term medication with heavy bills, loss of a job, and sometimes even loss of ability to work. 

If the injuries are caused due to the negligence of the owner, then the victim is entitled to get compensation. But dealing with the compensation law of Texas is not that easy as the laws are complex and riddled which can be only handled and understood by slip and fall attorneys.

There can be many reasons for slip and fall accidents like wet floors, broken stairs, loose or missing railings, icy paths, unmarked thresholds, electrical wiring, poor lighting, etc.

Why Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney?

Hiring a Slip and Fall attorney can be very helpful as the attorneys have experience in handling such cases and know the legal proceedings and also the steps done in accordance.

  • Hiring an attorney increases the chances of winning the case and get the maximum amount of compensation

  • The attorney will help to prove that the accident was caused due to the negligence of someone else.

  • The slip fall attorney will prove that the injuries cause a direct financial burden

  • The slip and fall accident lawyer will be able to prove that the owner failed to protect the victim from slip and fall.

When to hire for a Slip and Fall Attorney?

If the injury is caused due to slip and fall due to someone’s negligence, then the victim should claim for the compensation, but before hiring for a slip fall lawyer, the victim must ensure the slip and fall occurred due to any of the following reasons: 

  • Bad condition and the area was broken

  • Before the victim, there were similar accidents that caused other people to be injured.

  • The place was poorly maintained

  • No warning signs were mentioned

  • Lightings were poor 

What does a Slip and Fall Attorney do: The slip and law firms in Texas have attorneys who are experts and experienced in such cases thus helping the victim in many ways like claiming compensation, collecting proofs, and presenting the case on the client’s behalf. Many other things slip and fall lawyers do, like:

  1. Dealing with opposite attorneys and Court: The slip and fall attorneys have a handful of experience and are experts in dealing with the attorney of the opposite side and present the case to the court in such a way that the decision may be in favor of the victim. The attorney represents his client in court and speaks on his behalf.

  2. Negotiating for Settlement: The slip and fall injury lawyer will negotiate for the client’s settlement with the insurance company or to the other party by mediation. The insurance companies try to deduct the maximum amount and give a negligible amount to the victim. So, the attorney working on the client's behalf will make sure that the victim may get the maximum amount of compensation whether it be from the insurance companies or the owner.

  1. Filing for the Claim: An slip fall attorney knowing the legal process, will help the client to file the claim, appeal, and settlement, and on the client’s behalf fill all the documents necessary for the proceedings. Any mistake could lead to the process from the beginning, so the attorney works on the client's behalf as he/she knows the legal processes.

  1. Collecting evidence and proving negligence: The slip fall lawyers will collect all the evidence to prove the negligence caused by the owner by visiting the site of the accident, taking photographs, collecting medical records, and collecting witness statements.

  1. Proving the Liability: In Slip and fall cases the most difficult point to prove is that the owner of the property was liable and not the victim. With expertise in the field, the attorney will collect the evidence and present the case in such a way that the owner is proved liable and has to pay for the compensation.

  1. Monitoring every aspect and helping to avoid delay: A miss of any of the deadlines, documents, or getting into any action that may cause to lose the case. So,  the attorney remains conscious of all the processes involved in the case and keeps track of all the dates.

  1. Knows the value for the claim: Keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses of the case, the slip and fall attorney decides for the maximum amount of the compensation and works accordingly.

What is the duration for the settlement of Slip and Fall Cases?

The time duration for such cases may differ from case to case and the circumstances, in some cases it may take a few months and in some cases, it may take a few years.

A victim is entitled to claim for premises liability and get compensation for:

  • Medical bills associated with the injury

  • Lost if wages and job

  • Punitive damages

Slip and fall attorneys in Texas are experts in handling such cases and the victim is entitled to get fair compensation if the accident happened due to the negligence of the owner.

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