Silver Jewelry And Its Maintenance

by Avadhesh Sharma SEO Analyst
Silver is a really beautiful metal. Which if you do not take care of then can easily get oxidized with time. But if you can properly maintain the silver Jewelry then it will even improve with age. It develops a nice lush patina. If you treat your silver Jewelry with proper care and maintenance then it will have a long life and also it will sustain its beautiful lustrous look.

For removing any type of tarnish from the Jewelry all you have to do is rub that piece of Jewelry using a silver cloth or use any silver dip. For regaining the shine and renewing the brilliance of the Jewelry this is all you may need.

How is tarnish caused?

• Tarnish is caused due to a reaction with the sulphur which is anyway naturally present in the air. Silver Jewelry that is tarnished will have a dark greyish black sort of colour. And also it can be easily taken off when it becomes visible at first.

• Silver can even just naturally get tarnished on its own due to having an exposure to perfumes, environment, air, moisturizers, soaps, hairspray and even perspiration. These things are used in our daily day to day lives hence, keeping a regular eye on the Jewelry and doing some regular cleaning can help in keeping your silvers all clean and shiny.

How to clean your silver jewelry?

You can just simply clean your silvers using and mild soap and some water solution. That will allow the water to nicely bead up and then just pat the jewelry with any soft cloth until it’s dry. If the dirt still doesn’t get removed then you can also use any type of cleaner with which you can clean any silver Jewelry.

• Store your silvers individually to ignore any kind of scratch which might appear due to knocking off the Jewelry together.

• Store all your silver jewelry in a dry and cool place to prevent it from getting tarnished. You can even use any tarnish preventive bag or even wrap the Jewelry in any soft cloth.

• Keep in mind that you do not expose your silver Jewelry to any light or air during its storage. This is will help in keeping the Jewelry tarnish-free.

How to maintain your silver jewelry in its best condition?

• Make sure you always remove your silver Jewelry before any kind of physical activity, like wrestling, exercising, running. So that it can stay away from all the sweat.

• Always make accessorize the finishing touch. Do your makeup, apply your perfume, hair spray and then go for the Jewelry. That way your silvers can stay away from any direct chemical contact.

• Don’t wear any silver Jewelry when you are going out directly in the sun, like on the beach or somewhere. On the beach, there is sand, saltwater and direct sunlight, all these factors can ruin your silver Jewelry.

• Always clean your silver Jewelry with a polishing cloth. Using a paper towel or tissue paper can end up giving your Jewelry scratches as there are fibres present in the products.

• Do not take a shower or swim wearing silver Jewelry as household chemicals and chlorinated water can damage your silvers.

These are how you can maintain the shine and luster of your silver Jewelry. Following these simple tips can help in keeping your silvers looking like new for a long-lasting period. Search for the best silver jewelry supplier in Nepal and buy the best quality silvers from there. Busying good quality silver is also important for being safe for your skin.

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