Significance & Benefits of Emerald Stone

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Emerald gemstone is identified as the symbol of a lot of things and these meanings are derived from their rich mythological and religious roots. However, most prominently, Emerald or Panna stones signify companionship and loyalty. Wearing an emerald stone is supposed to be blessed with royalty, success, happiness, and good wealth. This emerald stone is regarded to be a spring and Venus stone. According to Indian tradition, the Emerald stone represents love, rebirth, and fertility. Wearing a gemstone can be malefic and beneficial depending upon the position of the planet in the birth chart of the native. Although, it is essential to consult an expert astrologer before making any strong decision. Because these are the precious things that are believed to hold amazing power in them. After diamond and ruby stone, Emeralds are the third richest variety of precious gemstones

Faithfulness & Loyalty: In accordance with Greek mythology, An emerald stone is recognized as the symbol of love and fidelity to couples. According to a fact, it is supposed that if an emerald stone is worn by someone with a pure heart then the stone will glow brighter. If the shade of the stone deviated from its true green color then the wearer was supposed to be unfaithful. As with love, emeralds were thought to represent friends' unwavering loyalty. To symbolize their friendship bond, some people wear an emerald studded bracelet. 

Good Luck & Eternal Youth: Did you hear about Shah Jahan? Yes, the famous Mughal emperor and creator of the Taj Mahal, engraved scriptures into emerald talismans to bring good luck and eternal youth. In the Vedas (the oldest Hindu scriptures), Green emeralds are defined as gems of good luck that have the ability to change or enhance one's well being. According to Chinese culture, those who wear emerald gemstones in a certain week will be blessed with good fortune. Some people believed that emeralds placed around the necks of ancient Egyptian mummies gave them eternal youth. Henceforth, the Panna stone is worn to bring good fortune and eternal youth. Sometimes, it doesn't work for the wearer if the mercury which is the ruling planet of emerald stone, is not at the favored position. In that case, this emerald stone is worn to protect the native from the evil influences of malefic mercury. Vedic astrology prescribes emerald stones for the people who are born in may month as it is regarded as the birthstone of May month

Things That Can Help to Identify Emeralds:

Color: The real emeralds are dark green and bluish green shades. Fake emeralds come in a variety of colors such as light green or may have some yellow undertones in addition to green. If the secondary color can be spotted on the stone then it may not be an emerald at all, but olivine or green garnet.

Sparkles: When a real emerald is exposed to extreme light then a gemstone sparkle can detect a lot. The natural hue of the emerald gemstone doesn't change dramatically when it is exposed to light(also called fire). However, there is a possibility of a small amount of fire but that will be very limited. When a fake emerald is exposed in the light then it sparkles all the colors of the rainbow. 

Clarity: When it comes to the clarity of the stone then the emerald stones are not sol clear in their structure. A very close look at such a stone with a close distance, some flaws, bubbles, crystals can be seen. High clarity stones will have fewer flaws but they won't be perfect. On the other hand, the artificially created fake stones look perfect without any bubbles and flaws, and hence if they are less expensive then it's a sign that the gemstone is not real.

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