Should you Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Self-representation in criminal law is almost impossible. It will be an ineffective approach and you are bound to lose the case. Irrespective of the type of crime or how educated you are in other aspects of life, representing yourself in a criminal case is not advisable. Criminal cases are unique, it is important to engage a professional with experience in such cases if you are to win the case. Of course, you are not spending time and resources for a show, the goal is winning.

Crime victims face significant challenges; both long and short term. Before you are compensated to recover your lost items or finances, multiple variables have to be considered. You need an expert to investigate all elements that might have led to the crime and the perpetrators. Typically, a crime case is built around the responsible party. Considering most legislations are based on innocent until proven guilty, you have to gather evidence to convince the jury of a significant case.

Case representation

Representation in a criminal case is crucial. You not only need a person standing by your side but you also need the knowledge and experience. Criminal cases take different angles depending on the crime setting and type of crime. Analysis of the environment and circumstances that led to the occurrence of the crime need expertise and accuracy.

Criminal Defense Attorney

While the intensity of judgments varies depending on the type of crime, criminal cases usually attract harsh sentences. Therefore, before a jury comes to such a conclusion, they have to evaluate all possible angles and be sure the evidence is convincing to rule in your favor. You need to be accurate in your statements. Everything should tally; any discrepancy cannot only compromise on your claims but also cause you more trouble with respect to the law.

It is a tedious process but an attorney can make it simpler for you. If you decide to go it alone, you might go back and forth for months and probably give up with the process. Also, winning a lawsuit requires familiarity with legal procedures and terminologies. When and how to file a claim resulting from crime should be specific. Contact the lawyers at Marrone Law Firm, LLC to represent you in your criminal defense case.

Besides questioning witnesses in court, lawyers roles include;


Irrespective of the side you are on the case, you need to negotiate with the other party. The prosecutor and defendant have to agree at the end of the day; whether in or outside the courtroom. While criminal law is specific, it can also be slippery. You need an experienced professional in law to guide you in negotiating thus resolving the issue.


An attorney will help you to understand the consequences of pleading guilty or innocent. While a lawyer will represent you in court, you have a role to play in the final decision by the jury.


Lawyers help in the research process. Questioning and evaluating witnesses that will help build your case is an important process that lawyers will be instrumental.  

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