Should I Go For Mass Communication Or Engineering?

by Iimm Delhi International Institute of Mass Media

When it comes to making a career choice, it is best to listen to one’s heart. It is our inner vibe which will guide us to the right option. However, it is also necessary to bear in mind certain logical parameters. Our core strength, the subject option which we do well in, and other related paraphernalia go a long way in deciding this one really, really, an important aspect of any given student’s professional life.

When it comes to deciding between science and mass communication, consider your forte. If it is logical reasoning, numbers, facts, and data, go for the sciences. If it gravitates towards the creative forces of nature, it is mass communication which may be your true calling. So also, mass communication courses in Delhi and media colleges in Delhi exist in good numbers and their ilk will hone a candidate in finding the right spot in this sunshine industry.

  1. Engineering, as such, is an age-old vocation. It is a sphere which is based upon factual data and hinges on principles, theorems, and theories. Mass communication, for its part, is a means to mould the public mind, heart, and spirit. If you are the kind of person with a definite thought process and a way with people and their taste in life, it is mass communication which will give you your spot in the sun. 
  2. For sure, people who wish to interact more with others and help them in their grooves of life, mass communication will provide a channel for inner satisfaction. For the students, who feel they connect better with statistics, information, and studies, it is the innate nature of the sciences which should ideally beckon them. Admission in mass communication courses should be sought by those who have the former bent of mind and heart, and not the latter.  
  3. Mass communication, as such, in its primary sensibility, is a road to the development of the nation, albeit with an ethos of development. Sciences, on their part, also play a role for the same. However, their narrative leans towards practicality and logical reasoning. Thus, it depends upon the nature and the liking of the potential candidate. If the student is keen on pursuing a vocation in which it is direct public welfare at heart, bachelor of mass communication courses will be the right medium to pursue the heart’s desire. Sciences too provide a mode to the candidate to help the teeming populace at large, nonetheless, in an indirect and routed fashion. Thus, go for mass communication if it is the former line you feel closer to. The best mass communication colleges in Delhi will help you find your niche in this spectrum.
  4. Last, but not least, it is a matter of languages. If the concerned candidate has a bent towards language building, content, and control, it is mass communication which this particular student should go in for and make an earning and living out of. However, if the language of the soul of the candidate is numbers, procedures, and processes to do with machines, there is hardly any room of doubt that engineering calls for him or her. 

 The important thing is to know who you are so you can choose an institute of mass media or an engineering college.


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