Secure Your Farm Output With The Mist Blower Duster

by Barkha Pahuja SEO/Writer
India is primarily an agricultural economy. Among the several issues plaguing Indian agriculture, damage to the crops due to insect attacks is a wastage of resources and human effort. Applying technology wherever possible is a practical approach when farming is done on a larger scale. The Mist Blower Duster is suitable farm equipment for a healthy agricultural output.

Uses Of a Mist Blower Duster
The Mist Blower Duster is a machine to apply insecticides and fungicides in form of mist over standing crops on an agricultural field. It is used mainly for larger farm sizes. It is suitable for use on vineyards and vegetable farms, cotton, staple crops and fruit orchards.
This helps in keeping the crops pest and disease free with regular use.  It is an effective disinfection mechanism for the agricultural sector. It is important to procure a good quality product from a Mist Blower Duster Supplier.

The User-Friendly Design Of The Product
The design of the Mist Blower Duster is very manageable. It may be handheld and also carried as a backpack. It is lightweight that reduces any kind of discomfort in the periodical movement of the dispenser in action. Get quality equipment from Mist Blower Duster Supplier.

The high fan speed facilitates the spray to reach a much wider coverage on the crops. It enables the operator to access all parts of the leaves and plants to evenly spread the pesticide. There is a firm grip for holding the tube in place for easy movements. Moreover, most of the device controls are placed on the hand grip for easier regulation.

The Difference Between Mist Blower Duster and A Sprayer
A Sprayer can be effective in dispensing pesticides, weedicides and fertilizers on the crops on small-sized farms. It can be carried on the back with straps on the shoulders or held in the hand. The dispensing liquid is directly sprayed upon the crops. It gives the effect of a shower on them.

A Mist Blower Duster, on the other hand, agitates the dust particles of the chemicals in the hopper or container. Through the dispensing mechanism, it throws the mixture of chemicals and liquid into the air as a single thrust. It forms a mist-like spread of the disinfectant that can reach into the cracks and deeper surfaces of the crop.

Types of dusters
There are several types of Mist Blower Dusters available in the market.
•    Knapsack- usually for a smaller area.
•    Power Operated- For a larger area.
•    Rotary dusters- Hand dusters
•    Plunger type- For a small vegetable garden.
•    Crop or Ariel duster- this is used for an extensive farm area

Proper Conditions For The Use of Mist Blower Dusters
A few conditions make the use of Mist Blower Duster effective upon use
•    Use it when the air is relatively still or under mild breeze conditions
•    It is better to use it on damp plant surfaces rather than in wet conditions. Otherwise, it will attract excessive chemical deposit

In a labor-intensive sector of agriculture in India, the implementation of proper technology is the way forward. Use smart agro-technology to maximize your agricultural output with minimum effort.

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