by Louis Paquette Marketing Trainer, Affiliate Market

I was recently contacted in FACEBOOK Messenger by somebody I barely knew, about how I could receive a $50,000 grant from the U.S. government. Next, was told I'd be connected to some lawyer who would take all sorts of personal information to secure my grant.

My spidey senses immediately started to tingle. I don't know these people, it sounds too good to be true and I never divulge that sort of info unless I know who I am dealing with and know 100% that it's legitimate.

When a second stranger also contacted me out of the blue with the same trash talk; "Did you hear the good news?" it confirmed that this is going around and is to be avoided. The two people who contacted me were:  

Gary Letscher

Karen Howard

No doubt, their Facebook memberships have been hacked and used by scammers to recruit victims.

So, if either of these two or someone else you barely know, contacts you about the "good news" about the "Gradient Grant Community Outreach Support Program" - I'd block the person and report it to Facebook immediately.

Keep Safe!

Louis Paquette
Vancouver, Canada


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Mang Haris a.k.a Jaris Committed   Freelancer
Thanks for your sharing my friend i thought i was wrong promoting something that make people in dangerous i'll clean my article,banner,and link now which related to it so that people safe thanks again for the good informations
Mar 22nd 2012 13:03   
Tony H. Professional   Myandurbiz
My Dear Friend you have said a mouthfull, I recall this program coming across my marketing plate, and read the reviews on it and even considered joining the program, but my intuition told me to hold off. Because as you said what are you getting for $25.00 a month...NOTHING!-Exactly. So you have to understand that most of these programs that are designed in such a manner as to have you paying every month is to incur a "Residual Income" for the individual(s) who created it. So Thank you, thank you, Thaaaaank You Aurang for your due diligence regarding this program.Regards,Tony Horton
Mar 22nd 2012 15:57   
Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
we need information this to help us know which site to join. Thanks please we should do more to expose scammers.
Mar 22nd 2012 17:49   
Aurang Zeb Awan Magnate I   Content Writer
APSense basic contribution is to show right path to the people by providing right information and tools so they can help each other by sharing their experience with each other. So use this Social Business Platform by helping others, which is basically your own help. Because people will follow what you are doing and in the end they all will contribute to get maximum results for each other and that is what we call Socializing. So keep doing the good work for all
Mar 24th 2012 06:57   
zrad rad Committed   Marketer
Thanks Zeb for this information
Mar 24th 2012 07:19   
Michael Rivera Advanced   The RnetMark Network
I have various Internet Programs like this that offer you 4% daily pay the site is another site that is a scammer and others are offering now 5% and 12% daily paid watch out hold to your money????
Mar 27th 2012 19:51   
APSense ADVISER baghzaf Tycoon I Premium   APSense Adviser for Social Media!
I used to receive such messages since1997
Sep 14th 2019 22:31   
Louis Paquette Advanced   Marketing Trainer, Affiliate Market
Michael Rivera - 4% per day seems kind of high... is the program still operating?
Oct 16th 2019 16:47   
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