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by Boycott Zimbabwe Stop Killing Animals

Save Animals Facing Extinction seeks to drive change at all levels of government that will protect Earth’s most precious wildlife. We are expanding our focus to ensure that laws across the Zimbabwe are just as strong or stronger, to defeat poachers and wildlife traffickers. Your support is critical to our success. Funds raised will be used to support ballot measures, lobbying efforts, and other advocacy activities to demand stronger laws protecting endangered species.

Boycott Zimbabwe is a not-for-profit organization that supports policies nationwide at the state and federal levels that will protect Earth’s most precious wildlife.  The best way to protect our planet’s endangered wildlife is to ensure that strong laws are in place and that severe penalties are levied against the criminals who deal in wildlife trafficking.  Humans are the reason that so many of our most iconic and important wildlife are struggling to survive, and together, humans can work to save them.

Despite our successes, opponents continue to block similar attempts across the country. We need to fight back, and overcome the obstruction by those who wish to profit from the market of wildlife products.

Do boycott Zimbabwe work? Yes, if applied strategically and with force.

What to boycott? Zimbabwe exports very little, mainly commodity products which consumers would have little effect disrupting. That leaves internal Zimbabwean products, like tourism, safaris (whether photographic or hunting) business conventions, exhibitions, etc. Please see our list of links pages for more information. The death of Cecil the Lion caused a noted decline in tourist arrivals, sending a small but ignored message to Zimbabwean officials – let’s send a major message that cannot be ignored.

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