SAP Certification is not just enough to survive, Why?

by Vikas S. SEO
Getting knowledge about something by a formal education is the basic to form a successful career. But in IT, formal education becomes much more imperative when paired with necessary certifications which keep pace with speedily evolving needs of an IT job market. Most of the jobs require proof that you have enough knowledge of the subject by asking whether you have a certification of the subject or not. Having one or more certifications makes a person look more focused towards the job. But the question is whether just getting a SAP certification is good enough to survive in the field? My answer is a big NO. Only getting certification has never been good enough for survive. May be in early days of software development getting a certificate would have worked but today’s market has been evolved and matured to a greater extent. Worldwide Internet has played an important role in making a client aware of the basic knowledge. They have become more matured now making it harder for the consultants who relied only on certification for the job. 

Let me put out reasons why only getting a certificate only isn’t enough to survive.

Software Technology Moves Too Fast

Getting certified for the subject whose fundamentals usually don’t change much within time is a good way of verifying that you have the necessary knowledge to operate within then field but if we talk about software technology, it is different. It evolves rapidly. The knowledge that’s seems relevant today will seem hopelessly outdated in upcoming years. The evolution of technology makes many certificates no more than an antique. 

It Only Proves You Can Pass Tests

Getting a certificate doesn’t show the true knowledge or potential of the person. It only shows that the person is able to pass the tests. Passing a certification test would show that the person knows only a narrow segment of the language. The true knowledge of a person can be seen only if the person is able to use that in a real life context.

Trainings only teach fundamental concepts.

Just getting a SAP certification without having an earlier experience in domains may not work properly in real life context. Any kind of training will only teach you fundamentals of the work and will give you conceptual knowledge. Practical knowledge can only be earned from real life project experience.

SAP certification isn’t meant for getting job.

SAP certification isn’t a promissory note or a magic paper which gives 100% guarantee for your job placement. There are many who are still sitting on the bench even after getting a dozen SAP certificates. The supply is too much and if there is an extensive increase in supply the demand will automatically be less. Getting a job totally depends on various other factors like demand and supply, political scenarios and internal management decisions apart from your own skills.  The certification will only work as an aiding side to the job. 


If the person is using SAP just to get a job, then it might not work. He should have the catchy eye for the technology and a keen observation skill. Learning new things and always being informed about the software technology are must. He should be committed towards the work. Only showing certification without knowledge is just holding a piece of paper whose worth is no more than a paper.

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