Santorini Holidays During Winter What To Expect

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Ambassador of Greek tourism, Santorini is well-known around every corner of the world. Numerous tourists flock to the emblematic island every year to admire the Caldera and the volcano, as well as to admire the famous sunset. The images of Fira and Oia with the distinctive shades of blue and white are in the minds of any visitor intertwined with Greece - perhaps they are equally compared to the photos of the Acropolis. If one tries to observe these images from the light-blown Santorini carefully, perhaps he will notice, the crowds of people struggling to cross the narrow streets. And of course, the houses that will be distinguished in the photo will be all flawless, white and fresh. 

If you decide to visit Santorini in winter most of your friends might probably wonder if there is something wrong with you. Most of your friends' reactions might be like this: "What are you going to do in Santorini during winter?". Well, those who have tried it can surely say that Santorini's beauty is unparalleled, unique and at the same time romantic even during the coldest months. For Santorini, however, the tourist season is not strictly limited in the summer months. The cruises last until December and all the shops are definitely open until November 15th. Essentially, the winter season is during December - January - February. In recent years, there seems to be an attraction of tourism even in the winter. So where does all the life of Santorini go in winter? Life seems to be transferred to the mainland of the islands as most locals head to villages in the innermost parts of Santorini. For instance, everything is open in Mesaria. There are also those who work on the island, as well as the locals, and they are creating a local market. There you will see cafes with seniors playing cards. Life in winter here is more of a village life. So be prepared. Even in Fira, after 11 pm, you might not be able to find a kiosk that works that late. Also, the supermarkets may not be fully equipped. The island is trying to materialize the winter season. Many shop-keepers and hoteliers stay open in the winter, in an effort to support the economy. Plenty of tourists choose to visit Santorini offseason. Americans, Russians, English, but also visitors from India. You can also see many Chinese and Australian travellers that come a lot this season.  

So let's sum up the reasons you have to visit Santorini in winter... 

Do not be afraid of getting stuck on the island - with five daily flights and a ferry service to/from Piraeus you are all set. The winter in Santorini is not that cold with an average temperature of 10 to 12 degrees. About a 100 cosy, clean and warm hotels can offer you the best accommodation no matter what your budget is. It would be great to pick one that has views to Oia and the caldera. After all, going on vacation offseason means that you can find budget accommodation, giving you the chance to book a room at an upper-class hotel. This would be off-budget if you tried to do it during high season, so you better take advantage of the best rooms out there. You will enjoy the service during this time of the year. You will feel like a lord in hotels and restaurants because now that the hordes of tourists are over, they have fewer customers to please. In the few bars that are open, the nightlife continues. In the atmospheric wine bars of Santorini, you can enjoy a great variety of local wine labels. In fact, every Thursday and Friday some of them organise themed cocktails nights or other events just to keep the fun going. Actually, when you visit Santorini off season you can get cocktails with 5 €, while you might find exclusive discounts up to 20% discount on the listed prices regarding drinks and meals.

The magnificent views of the caldera, Nea Kameni, Old Kameni and Thirasia will charm you any time of the year. For lovers of photography, the feast of winter colours will increase your romantic side. Plus, you will have amazing pics without the crowds for your perfect photo albums. Groups of tourists from all over the world are flocking to Santorini the only reason being to take amazing pictures of the views and the mesmerizing sunsets. Now you can do it on a budget! You will enjoy the quiet side of the island. Without a lot of cars and tourist coaches running to catch the sunset in Oia of course. Is there anything more romantic than a walk by the sea? Of course not. You will have the chance to admire the traditional settlements of Emporio, Megalohori, Pyrgos. Walk in the streets of Oia and admire mansions, houses and courtyards. Visit Finikia that stands out for the architecture of its houses and its paths. Explore the pumice caves. 

Enjoy your time at the Archaeological site of Akrotiri. An emerging ancient city is waiting for you, the most important sight of the island worth visiting any time of the year. Its unique and impressive architecture will steal your heart. Akrotiri is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece and the most ancient civilization of the Mediterranean that was buried in the lava 3,400 years. This prehistoric settlement will show you the high living standards of the inhabitants and culture in the Aegean region. The settlement had a seamless sewer system, houses up to four floors with chipped stone or slate, frescoes, wooden or stone stairs, toilets and beautiful furniture. The Cycladic chapels are equally charming all year round. You will find them next to the sea, but also in extreme cliff heights with breathtaking views.

There are many visiting wineries with special wine tasting experiences and vendors. You will love taking a walk around a winery-estate. This is the ideal way to get to know the world of Greek wine. Santorini is famous for is Vinsanto wine, don't miss the chance to try it. Depending on the season, you can also engage in several activities. At some estates, for example, you can embark on the secrets of the most famous traditional products of Santorini's land. Try the island's cuisine with products that grow in the volcanic soil, under the sea breeze and the Aegean sun. See crops, taste and get local products (tomatos, peanuts, figs, prickly pears, caper, fava etc.) as souvenirs without fear. You will be impressed by the fact that the diet is based on agricultural products rather than on livestock farming. Don't forget to try the traditional tomato fritters, the Santorini sausage and the dish made of eggplants combined with eggs and sucjuki.

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