Role of Web Designer in the Web Development Process

by Donald Jackson Web Designing Company in Dubai

Developing and designing a website needs professional and skilled people. These people are mainly web designers and web developers. However, some people misunderstood the same. These two professionals are interchangeable but important to the procedure of creating a new website. But there are several differences in their role.

How the Roles of Web designer and Web developers are different from each other   

The central focus of both people is dissimilar to each other. However, they both work hand in hand to create a website. This is natural to have different objectives and job profile so that the website meets the need of the client’s demand. They also work to make the website search engine friendly and make it functional as per the user’s experience.

Look and feel vs. Functionality 

Creating a website needs proficient web designers and web developers. The objective of the designer is to create something appealing and innovative with solid basics and Functionality. Web development and design are determined in the same manner. The design p[art of the procedure concentrates on the visualization of website and enhance things to give better user experience. It might includes

 Designer crafts designs that are simple for users to help them understand important aspects of the site. The design must be user friendly, and easy navigation can guide users to land in the right place.   

Using continuous and unified brand aspects such as graphics, color themes, typography, fonts

Web designer Integrates pertinent and appealing media like images and video that attracts customers.

Once the design gets completed, the visualization provides a draft for the web development procedure, and it is the role of a web developer to make the site communicative. Moreover, work in terms of putting logic. The web developer focuses on:

  • *Setting the accurate platform on which the website needs to be developed.
  • *Integrating beneficial aspects such as plugins, themes, features
  • *Generating and editing code to reach the designer’s visualization objectives and enable the website to run smoothly and effectively. 

On the front end VS backend

Terabyte is a significant Web Development Company in Dubai, and according to the company web designer and web development team,” an easy way to differentiate the work of the web developer from the designer is the concept. Usually, the designer pays attention to the part of the website front end, which is visible to users. It makes them concentrate on how the visitor will redirect the site and communicate with content.

On the other hand, the developer pays attention to the back end of the website (the portion users can’s see). This is the area where all coding and administration portion are visible. 

It makes the site running and interactive. However, web developers also have categories of front end developers or back end developers. The role of front end developer is quite similar to the designer’s role, developing the portion of the site that the user can see. The back end developer works intensively into the technological features of the site, such as data transferring, implementing class, tables, CMS, and so on.    

Coding language vs. Software designing 

Another significant dissimilarity between a web designer and web developers is the application and software they use to craft a website. Developers implement coding language such as JavaScript, HTML, and PHP, CSS, etc. to develop a site and make it communicative. In contrast, designers will implement software applications such as Photoshop, graphics, illustrators, flash, IN-design, and so on.

How web designer and web developer’s role become the same 

Developing and designing a website requires coordination between to expertise area of both. Some people are trained to have both of the expertise and content management system that enable people to learn both skills from beginner level to mastery.

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