Rise to Demi Fine Jewellery or Modern Jewellery Designs in India

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There is a wide spectrum in the jewellery world. With so many styles and modern jewellery designs available for the customers, one can choose as per their tastes. Vintage, statement pieces to modern are some of the styles that are much in vogue. However a kind of jewellery that has been making its presence felt in the jewellery business for the past few years globally is demi-fine jewellery.

What is demi-fine jewellery?

Demi-fine jewellery refers to modern jewellery designs that is made using different techniques and precious metals like vermeil plating. Vermeil plating means thick gold plating on a base of sterling silver. It is the perfect combination of luxury and fashion. This is ideal for the modern women who prefer to wear contemporary jewellery designs made from superior-quality materials but at pocket-friendly pricing.

How Demi-Jewellery started?

Demi-jewellery is a newly evolved category that is somewhere in between fine jewellery and costume jewellery. In this kind of jewellery, makers use precious and semi-precious stones and are made of high-quality metals. It has good value but it is not as pricey as the fine jewellery pieces.  Due to the exponential growth of the e-commerce industry globally, an increase in online brands, and rise in usage of social media, the demi-jewellery market has expanded. Reputed jewellery makers are now increasing their ranges so as to reach out to more customers with their demi-jewellery range.

How is it different from other kinds of jewellery?

Demi-fine jewellery as already mentioned is made using thick gold plating on a base of sterling silver. So what are the differences with the other kinds of jewellery available in the market?

Costume jewellery

The difference between costume jewellery and demi-fine jewellery is in the metals used for making the jewellery pieces. Costume jewellery is manufactured using base metal. Base metal consists of a mixture of various metals that is gold or silver plated. It is prone to getting discoloured. It also contains nickel that might lead to skin irritation.

Fine jewellery

Fine jewellery is made using precious metals like platinum, solid gold or sterling silver. It is the highest quality jewellery available in the market. It is also very durable and it is often custom made jewellery. This kind of jewellery uses natural gemstones like pearls, diamonds and others. It is used to make gold jewellery, pearl jewellery or ethical diamond jewellery. Fine jewellery is ideal for those individuals who wear jewellery all the time. It also lasts for a long time and can be easily passed from one generation to the other. If required, it can be repaired and resized as per the needs of the customer.

Semi-fine jewellery

This is a mid-range jewellery option and it mimics the looks of fine jewellery. It uses low-quality metals like gold-plated or lab-created gemstones or semi-precious gemstones like agate, freshwater pearls and agate or lab grown diamond jewellery. It is not as pure as the fine jewellery pieces. The base metal used for this kind of jewellery is sterling silver. It lasts for a relatively long time when compared to fashion jewellery.

For both demi-fine jewellery and semi-fine jewellery, one needs to take proper care for it to last a long time. One must avoid sleeping or taking a shower wearing demi-fine or semi-fine jewellery. It might wear the plating off.

Why should one buy demi-fine jewellery?

Are you looking for bracelet stacks or layered necklaces? And you want to enhance your style quotient? Then demi-fine jewellery will add an element of luxury and style to the regular outfits. It lasts for a long time, is versatile and is a perfect jewellery option that can be teamed up with different dresses for getting different looks.

Can one wear demi-fine jewellery daily?

Demi-fine jewellery is made for wearing regularly. However it is recommended to take it off during take a bath or when applying sprays and body lotions.

How long will demi-fine jewellery last?

The demi-fine jewellery will last for a long time if you take care of it properly. People are often concerned about whether the plating will come off or the jewellery piece will lose its color. However by following some simple steps, one can take care of it properly. Avoid using lotions and perfumes after wearing the jewellery. It may dull the shine and even cause the plating to come off. Even if the demi-fine jewellery came in contact with different chemicals, one must clean it with a special polishing cloth.

Trend of demi-fine jewellery

Demi-fine jewellery is an affordable range of fine jewellery. It has become highly popular among women who want jewellery at budget prices and also can expand their jewellery collection. It is stylish and high end jewellery that lasts for a long time and can be worn daily. Demi-fine jewellery is modern and trendy. Women can mix and match the jewellery and even make their own styles.

The trend developed out of the need for affordable and stylish jewellery that gives off a luxurious look and feel. Demi-jewllery is the answer to the needs of the people. It falls somewhere in between fine and costume jewellery. This kind of jewellery has great fan base among women in their 20s and 30s. Women in these age groups often spend money on luxury items. However, now the focus has been captured by semi-luxury goods. And demi-jewellery fits the bill perfectly fine.

The USP of demi-jewellery is that the user can mix and match the pieces as per their styling sense. Women can wear the jewellery in multiple styles or even wear it alone. The fact that these pieces of jewellery can be personalized is what has led to their immense popularity and craze.

Final words

Demi-fine jewellery is like the new kid on the block. It has been gaining huge popularity among the users for its amazing and trendy styles and also the pocket-friendly pricing. It gives one the feeling of luxury without weighing too much on the pocket of the user. Demi-fine jewellery is here to stay!!

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