Replacing a Volvo Penta Propeller? Know-How to Do It Effortlessly Here

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With the slightest curve, smoothest contour and tightest angle, Volvo Penta propellers have undergone through state-of-the-art design process based on years of experience to carry forward the engineering art form ahead. Volvo Penta propellers are known for increased performance that leads to greater boating pleasure and at the same time contributes to the long-term health of your driveline.

When you change the propeller on one of Volvo’s Penta marine engines, the job requires few tools and little in the way of supplies. Whether it’s part of routine maintenance, in preparation for the motor’s long winter’s nap or because you are on the water and the propeller has suffered damage from a striking an object, swapping propellers is a straightforward process of taking things off and putting them back on in the same order.

How to Replace Volvo Penta Propellers?

  • Turn the ignition on but don’t start the engine
  • Use the tilt and trim to tilt the engine up, then turn off the ignition switch and pocket the key
  • Shift the engine into neutral to keep the propeller shaft from turning
  • Use pliers to remove the cotter pin from the keeper that holds the propeller nut in place
  • Use a 1 1/16-inch wrench to remove the propeller nut and slide the thrust washer and propeller from the shaft
  • Check the propeller to ensure that the thrust bushing has remained on the propeller shaft
  • Clean the propeller shaft, removing shells, fishing line and other debris
  • Slather white marine grease on the propeller shaft and inside the propeller’s hub
  • Slide the propeller onto the shaft, turning it as needed to align it with the propeller shaft splines
  • Slide the thrust washer onto the shaft and over the splines on the shaft, until it makes firm contact with the propeller.
  • Thread the propeller nut onto the shaft and tighten until it’s seated against the face of the thrust washer
  • Tighten the propeller nut to between 70-80 foot-pounds of torque using a torque wrench
  • Install the keeper, turning it until the hole in the keeper is aligned with the cotter pin hole in the propeller shaft
  • Bend the ends of the cotter pin, shift the engine into neutral and give the propeller a spin
  • It should turn freely
  • Insert the key into the ignition, turn the ignition on but don’t start the engine and use the trim and tilt control to lower the engine to the vertical position

Celebrating the 50Years of Performance Report – Volvo Penta Propellers

Volvo Penta Propellers have successfully made to the fifty long years of performance. A lot has changed since 1959 when Volvo Penta Propellers for the first time made its grand entry to the industry and the march of technology continues henceforth. But one factor of Volvo Penta Propellers remain the same all these years i.e. real performance comes from a propeller and driveline that are perfectly matched.

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