Repairing the Garage Door is Not a Rocket Science

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Repairing the Garage Door is Not a Rocket Science, Use the Following Tips to Do It Yourself

A garage is a highly sophisticated system, that is composed of various mechanical and electronic parts. All these parts work together to generate the desired output. This is why when one small part stops working it will disturb the homogeneity of the whole garage door system. Hiring professionals for every type of garage door problem is an inefficient way of thinking. Because what would you do if the door stops working at midnight? So, follow this guide till the end to repair it yourself. 

Take necessary safety measures

When your garage door stops responding all of a sudden, then every garage door types should be approached with a proper safety kit. To do the repair work you should act like professionals. Put your safety kit on just like professionals, a safety kit should include gloves, shoes, and helmet. Since the garage door involved dealing with some heavy lifting this safety gear will protect you against any unforeseen event.

Try to diagnose the problem

Before you start browsing through the garage door, it is important to understand what is the probable cause for malfunctioning. So, conduct a thorough analysis. First of all, cut out the power and shift the door to the manual setting as it was done at the garage door installation time. After that use the vice grips to fix the door with the track. By doing that the tension on the spring will be released and it will be easy to inspect.

Consult the user manual

The basic instructions are always given in the user manual, especially before lubricating because not every part should be lubricated. The technical details of every part are described in detail for consultation. For example, if you discover that some of the parts are broken and have to be replaced then, the new parts must be identical to the ones already installed on your door. The user manual has complete information on technical details that should be consulted.

Inspect the door cable

The cable is a part of the door lift up mechanism and if you are facing a door jamming issue, it has to be inspected. Most of the time it is the cable causing the door jamming. To inspect it you probably need to climb up and look for the loops in the cable. The cable travels in the dedicated position in the rack and vibrations can cause great damage to the cable. If you notice that the cable is damaged, then replacing it probably will solve your problem. For cable, specs consult the user manual.

Check the roll-up track

The door track is important to be checked because the door is very heavy and the track can be damaged easily with an unusual movement. The track is commonly made of steel and if damaged it has to be repaired or replaced. Either way, you would require the assistance of a professional. It will be great if you contact the installation company because they know all your door settings in advance and the repair work can be over quickly.

Examine the pullup system

The pullup system is responsible for lifting up the garage door and it does it with the help of two springs. The springs are located at the end of the track and should be inspected when there’s no load on them. If you notice that spring can’t close completely when released it means you need a replacement.

The garage door should perform smoothly to support your mobility. There’s nothing worse than a door stuck halfway. You should be able to do the basic repairs yourself by following this guide. Although, you mustn’t neglect the importance of an expert garage door mechanic. 

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