Repairing Apple MAC is difficult due to Planned Obsolescence

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A little Introduction Certainly goes a Long Way

The motivation to replace current products in the market by the manufacturers have been increased in the past few years due to new product development processes and a faster production cycle. Echoing one of the greatest marketing professionals of all time, the result of competitive and technological forces in a free market gives rise to such a supply-side behavior thus influencing the demand side behavior of consumption. A firm’s own survival is threatened due to the creative destruction when another competing firm innovates and displaces an existing product. This process of planned obsolescence may have certain positive externalities such investment in research and development, but the buck, however, stops there.

The purpose of planned obsolescence is to incentivize or if you would like!, force consumers to purchase newer versions of the same brand or another brand of the same product. This is done keeping the natural end of life shorter. Planned obsolescence can happen in two ways

·      Physical obsolescence and

·      Technical obsolescence.

What made Firms take such Measures?

The emergence of planned obsolescence happened simultaneously with mass production when supply exceeded demand and most of the products were left unsold. So the only solution was to make them in such a way that they wouldn’t last long. From the perspective of the producer, the durable goods are the most worrisome because they tend to last longer limiting the need to fewer purchases. Along with durability, second-hand products also pose a similar problem due to their tendency to compete with the brand new version.

So to keep the cycle of profit alive, producers prefer to produce goods with a shorter economic lifestyle. Obsolescence, therefore, allows organizations to do the following

·      Increase their revenue through swifter replacement,

·      Reduce competition from used goods market and

·      Reduce the attractiveness of a second-hand market

Certain studies have also shown that the technological obsolescence contributes to the consumer perception of the product quality. Consumers also perceive frequent updates as an improvement.

The Effects of Planned Obsolescence –

Considering the case of Apple only, it is important to note that its use of proprietary pent-a-lobe screws, prevent anyone from pursuing an Apple MAC Repair. Furthermore, when endeavoring an Apple Mac repair with respect to RAM upgrades or SSD replacements, it is almost impossible since the aforementioned is soldered to the logic board. Further exacerbating the matter, there’s no glass protecting the display. In other words, if one manages to destroy the screen one may have to replace the laptop or undertake an expensive Mac repair. It is evident that devices been designed for limited repair. Instead of shelling out hard earned cash/money on an Apple Mac Repair, it’s preferred to replace the product instead. The “what’s the new deal that you’re giving” attitude also contributes to the technological obsolescence. Thus, in order to receive the desired return and simultaneously satisfy the consumers, products are being released with incremental updates to keep them satisfied.

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