Remove Years From Your Face With The Best Facelift Procedure In The City

by Dr Lokesh Kumar Best cosmetic surgeon in delhi

No matter how hard you try to hide your age, your face says it all! Or maybe the frown lines on your face say it out loud. Ageing is an inevitable truth that is sometimes hard to digest, especially by the women who want to just hold on to their young self and never let the old age touch them again. Wrinkles, sagging skin and the skin that appears dull and tired are often the signs of ageing that every woman wants to get away from and spend a lot of money and time in doing so. However, a good facelift surgery in Delhi is something all mid-age women should be looking forward to in order to retain their youth. Let us now have a look at what facelift procedure actually is, its type and how it can help you get closer to your youth.

Facelift procedure

As one age, his or her skin tends to lose its elasticity and the collagen present in the skin, which makes it dull and sagging. Facelift or Rhytidectomy is a surgical method that is used to tighten and lift the facial tissues in order to render a more youthful look. In the procedure of facelift, either the excess of skin is removed and smoothen the folds and wrinkles present on and around your face and neck. A facelift concerns the lower part of the face excluding a brow lift, which is an entirely different procedure.

Who is a good candidate for Facelift

  • Anyone who is healthy and free of any medical condition is an ideal candidate for this surgery.

  • Anyone who is not a smoker or an avid user of drugs.

  • Someone who is realistic about their expectations from the procedure

Types of Facelift

Following types of Facelift procedures can greatly help you regain a more youthful and rested look


The target of mini-facelift is the ageing that occurs in the lower face that includes excess skin, skin sagging and jowls. This procedure can lift your face and create a smoother contour. This procedure is for people who are younger in age and want a more youthful appearance.


This type of facelift targets the midsection of the face, especially the cheek region. This procedure can enhance the definition of your face, create appealing cheek contours and improve the appearance of lower eyelids

Deep-plane Facelift

This type of facelift targets neck and cheek ageing. This procedure corrects the heavy cheek, sagging neck skin and gives you a rejuvenated and more refined look. This type of Facelift is the most long-lasting facelift procedure.

Results and recovery

After the procedure is over, the doctor will provide the medication to help alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with the procedure. You can resume your daily activities within 2-3 weeks of getting this procedure. Other precautions that you need to have is moisturization of your face, using sunblock and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Risks associated

If you get the facelift surgery done from a trained and certified professional then the chances of any mishappening are negligible. however, certain risks that are associated with a facelift procedure are bleeding, blood clots, infections, pain, prolonged swelling and troubles associated with wound healing.

In case you too are in a search for the surgeon who can provide you with the best facelift surgery then Dr. Lokesh Kumar of DAC india is the right name for you. Dr. Lokesh is a highly respected name in the best plastic surgeons fraternity of Delhi who has a career span of more than 25 years. Dr. Lokesh completed his post-graduate degree in plastic surgery from the Post-graduate Institute of medical education and research, Chandigarh. He then did his plastic surgery training from several institutes in the United Kingdom and returned to India in 1993. After which he started practising in hospitals like holy family hospitals and later at Apollo Hospitals. Dr. Lokesh has contributed his esteemed services in several organizations in both India and abroad.

Some of his memberships with various plastic surgery associations are

  • He has been the president of the Indian Association of aesthetic plastic surgeons and a former treasurer of plastic surgeon’s association.

  • At present, Dr. Kumar is the national secretary of the international society of aesthetic plastic surgery.

  • Dr. Lokesh Kumar has various other achievements to his name as he is the editorial board of aesthetic surgery journal the USA; the official journal of the American society of aesthetic plastic surgery.

At present

He is at present designated as the Director's head at the department of plastic science and cosmetic surgery at Dr B L Kapur memorial hospital, New Delhi, where he leads the department of aesthetic surgery. Dr. Lokesh Kumar runs a popular cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic named Delhi aesthetics clinic (DAC) in New Delhi.


Dr. Lokesh is a leading rhinoplasty surgeon in Delhi, who has a major specialization in not only cosmetic rhinoplasty but functional rhinoplasty also. Dr. Lokesh is a pioneer when it comes to the painless and markless surgery for reshaping and resizing the nose and other facial features..  Dr. Lokesh knows what works best for his patients and uses different corrective measures to suit the frame of your face, creating a balance in your facial features making it symmetrical and beautiful. With all the years of experience in plastic surgery has performed more than a thousand surgeries. Dr. Lokesh has redefined the standards of the beauty in people dissatisfied with their looks.. In case you in the desperate search for a specialist plastic surgeon in Delhi/NCR then Dr. Lokesh is the right name for you.

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