Remedy For Oily Hair

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Having thick long beautiful hair but it being limp and lifeless can be such a spoilsport. As with the skin being dry, normal or oily, your hair too has its own type. For people with oily hair, the sebaceous glands under the scalp surface secrete excess oil making it greasy. Proper cleansing and toning routines coupled with using the right kind of shampoo and conditioner, eating a healthy diet like fresh fruits and greens avoiding fatty foods can help treat oily hair condition.

Here are some remedies for oily hair -

  • Regularly cleanse your hair with a shampoo that is ideal for oily hair, choose the right shampoo from the wide range of available in the stores, and look for herbal based shampoos like trifala, amla.
  • Maintain a cleansing and toning routine as and when you feel that your hair is oily and limp, do not delay as oily hair attracts more dirt and this might end up in clogging your hair follicles, but this doesn’t mean you shampoo and cleanse your hair everyday.
  • Massage the scalp with a toning lotion, and use a mild shampoo and at the same time make sure it doesn’t leave your hair too dry and frizzy.
  • While you shampoo your hair, leave it on for a good 2 to 3 minutes in the hair , gently rub in and wash.
  • Avoid applying conditioner to the scalp, middle or hair ends need to be conditioned.
  • Take to fresh fruits and vegetables, limit oil intake in your diet. Stay away from junk foods like fries, pizzas, chips as the fat content present increases oil secretions in your skin and hair.
  • Rose geranium and lemon grass are excellent in controlling oil on the scalp, mixing in few drops of these essential oils and massaging helps.
  • Boil mint leaves in two glasses of water, let cool and mix it in your regular shampoo and cleanse your hair for a quick remedy.
  • Soak any lentil , drain and boil this water with lemon or orange rind and rinse.
  • Giving the hair a final rinse with vinegar or lime juices makes hair look shiny and less oily, mix in two table spoonfuls of vinegar or lime juice with a jug of water and rinse. Lime juice mixed with tea decoction is another remedy for oily hair.
  • Changing your shampoo from time to time is good for your hair without sticking to the same kind over and over again.
  • Avoid treating the hair with too many styling products and gels. Try keeping the hair as healthy as possible.
  • Oily hair condition could also be due to heredity and hormonal changes, consult with a doctor to know the right reasons and treatment.

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