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The process varies depending on if you've got a buy order or bill.

Next to processing payroll, recording and tracking inventory items is most likely the most painstaking, exacting job in QuickBooks. The practice of receiving inventory, by way of instance, is not overly complicated.

We will look here at how you would take care of the required QuickBooks transactions when you'd sent a buy order for desired items. Receive Items. The Produce Item Receipts window opens.

A partial view of the Produce Item Receipts window in QuickBooks. You will begin the practice of recording inventory items received here if you have not yet received a bill.

Select a seller by clicking on the arrow to the right of the Vendor field. Click Yes. Place a check mark next to some applicable ones and click OK. QuickBooks will fill in the grid beneath the Items tab with all the information from the PO (clicking Display PO next to an item you have assessed will bring up the original PO). Make any changes required (quantity received, date, etc.) and save the transaction.
If there wasn't any PO, simply enter the details about the item(s) received, below the Items tab, and also save your job.

Behind the scenes: When you finish and save an item receipt, QuickBooks will two things in the background. It increases your accounts payable -- even if you have not received a bill -- also changes your inventory count to reflect the additions. All these actions:

Lowers the quantity on order, and
Calculates a fresh typical cost for your item(s).

When you receive a bill for those items which you've previously accounted for, then you have to enter the bill against the item receipt you made. If you do not, these items will be listed twice along with also your inventory count will be incorrect.
Instead, proceed to Vendors | Input Bill to Received Items. Pick the seller by opening the drop-down list and highlight the item receipt that correlates to your bill. It's advised that you also check the box next to opt for the Item Receipt which corresponds to a bill. Click OK.

The Input Bills display will start, already filled out. If there is more than just one item receipt, you have to go through this procedure for every one individually.
As soon as you've finished an item receipt, your bill will probably be filled out.
When you are confident that everything is true, save the transaction. Now you are prepared to cover the bill.
For queries related to QuickBooks visit quickbooks support.

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