Reasons Why You Must Help Smokers Switch To Vaping With Disposable Vape Pods

by Aanya Alberto A geeky girl and Vape Enthusiast

Once you have been around the block for way too many times, it can really get harder and harder to accept mew things since we tend to get comfortable in the familiar. In fact, most adults who smoke would find this comfortable than switching to something else.

But you need to help smokers to get familiar with vaping so he can quit smoking easily and make it appear as if it wasn’t a big deal altogether. Before you urge your friends to give up smoking, know the undeniable reasons to convince him to choose to vape using the disposable vape pods.

Show them, it is time to ditch the cancer sticks on the head and grab an amazing vaping device. Here are the reasons to convince them.

No More Lingering Smoke

If your friend loves smoking indoors then it is not only affecting him but also those around him. In fact, he is passive smoking that’s affecting everyone near him. When it comes to vape, it is vapor and it no ways linger like cigarette smoke. E-cig vapor dissipates into the air leaving no odor at all.

Due to this, non-smoking people would also find your friend’s house a nice place to visit once he starts using devices such as disposable vape pods.

No Mess

One of the biggest problems with cigarette smoking is that it leaves a mess. However, when you convince your friends or friends to switch to vaping, he would no longer have to worry about knocking the ashtray over or ensuring he empties it.

In fact, creating a mess on the floor or on the carpet are something they would be able to avoid once and for all.

In most cases, a guest visiting the house would never know that he is vaping unless of course, he mentions. Yes, vaping is mess-free. Smokers should know this too.

Money Saving

This is another and probably the biggest advantage and the reason to switch to vaping. Smokers smoking twenty cigarettes a day usually spend hundreds of dollars on it. But vaping is hassle-free and affordable. You invest in a device that lasts longer than cigarettes.

Moreover, if you happen to choose devices such as disposable vape pods which comes prefilled, you don’t need to buy e-juice separately.

Highly Convenient

Vaping on the go doesn’t need anything. All you need to do is carry the device and that’s it. But in the case of smoking, you need to carry a carton and a lighter. If your friend complaints often about carrying so many things, but still couldn’t give up smoking, it is time to introduce him to vaping.

Finally, vaping is way better than smoking in all aspects be it in terms of cost, convenience, and health.

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