Reasons to invest in a 5 star Inverter AC

by Amili R. SEO

There is no doubt that home appliances play a vital role in making our lives easy and comfortable. From washing machines to air conditioners, these electricity-driven machines add tremendous value to our lives. For example, air conditioner is of great value in the sultry days of summer when it becomes quite difficult to live comfortably. After a long and hectic day, it is really a pleasure to unwind in a comfortable setting.

If you’re planning to buy an air conditioner this season, it is necessary to invest in the latest technology so as to get the best results. In today’s times, inverter air conditioners are quite popular over typical air conditioners due to numerous reasons.

An inverter in an air conditioner is meant to control the speed of the compressor motor to manage variable refrigerant flow in an air conditioning system to control the conditioned-space temperature. Contrary, usual air conditioners regulate temperature by using a compressor that is intermittently either working at optimum capacity or switched off entirely. Inverter-equipped air conditioners possess a variable-frequency drive that includes a modifiable electrical inverter to control the speed of the motor and thus the compressor and cooling output.

Let’s look at other reasons why you should invest in a 5 star inverter AC over a regular 1 Ton Split AC.

More power savings

The typical ACs come with fixed-speed compressor motor which restarts more frequently in order to maintain the desired temperature inside the room. On the other hand, inverter air conditioners have variable speed compressor motor which consumer less energy to maintain the set level of temperature. So, if electricity bills are one of your key concerns then go for an inverter-equipped AC.

Longer life

Inverter Compressors are found to retain their lubricant more efficiently. Regular compressors on the other hand gradually drop the lubricant, resulting in more wear and tear. Therefore, the inverter compressors have a longer life span.

Silent operations

Since the compressor motor in a 5 star inverter AC doesn’t go on and off continuously, they work silently. On the other side, typical air conditioner motor turns on and off at various intervals leading to a significant amount of noise during operation.

Consistent cooling

According to experts, the cooling performance of an inverter AC is quite impressive in comparison to a regular 1 Ton split AC. This is because the compressor in a usual AC stays in “inactive” state until the room temperature goes up significantly.

So, after considering all the above given benefits, you would come at a conclusion that inverter air conditioners are far ahead of typical air conditioners.

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