Real Estate Data Scraping With Free Web Scraping Add-on

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What do you need to have for supernormal inquiries and spiking the conversion?  

It’s indeed a big deal, if you get into survey and one-on-one rounds with the realtors. You have to hang on a lot waiting for the outcome of the survey data analysis. Moreover, you’re supposed to open for capital investment also. In all, you have to wait a lot before pitching to your target audience. 

This article will cut that waiting period to short. Simply put, you’ll get the data for your prospective clients in a wink. You ought to input just a little bit of efforts following these web scraping tricks. Subsequently, you’ll have opulent data for the real estate data mining. 

You won’t find any tip that requires you to have a big pocket. What I learnt, I’m just sharing it. It’s for the sake of education so that you could sail smoothly across the lead-generation complexities.       

What do you need to have for free data extraction on the internet?

Let’s begin with the tools that would be your web data extraction partners:

• Google Chrome Browser

• Web Scraper Addon 

How can you do web scraping of the real-estate data?

1. Add the Extension to Google Chrome 

a) Search the “Web Scraper Addon” on Google.

b) Click the link 

c) Add it to the Google Chrome by clicking the ‘Add To Chrome’ tab. 

The chrome will take just a few seconds to integrate it. After a while, you’ll get its access. You’re done now with the prep ups. 

Now, let’s move to determine where you can use it from in the next step.

2. Head to Web Scraper Tool: 

a) Go to directory, like Yelp or Yellow Pages. If you don’t know, you can type these names into the search bar. And the directory will pop up in a jiffy. Click it to open. 

b) Now, feed the word to enable a particular search. Since you need to churn out the data about property and its dealers, you should feed in ‘real estate in (location)’. The mention of location will show you the filtered result of that specific region. Therefore, you should go to the local search to progress the chances of catching the profitable deals.

c) Now, move the cursor over the results one by one, let’s say “”. 

d) Press F12 anywhere on that site. 

e) The web developer tool pane will open at the bottom.

f) Identify ‘Web Scraper’ written together with other menus. 

This is how you will navigate to the tool to extract what type of data you want.  

So! You have reached the destination where the leads of your real-estate domains are just a few steps away from. Let’s look into those steps ahead. 

3. Extract Data in A Desired Manner:

Once you click F12 and go to the Web Scraper option, play the rundown of these steps:

• Create a sitemap of desirable website: Under the Web Scraper menu, you’ll see the three more sub-titles. Hit the ‘Create New Sitemap’. 

• Name the sitemap in the Sitemap Name field.

• Copy the URL and paste it adjacent to the ‘Start URL’ field name. 

• Hit the ‘Create Sitemap’ tab. 

• Then, press ‘Add New Selector’. Provide the Id, Type and tick the check box ‘Multiple’.

4. Steps to scrape real estate data: If you specifically want to do web scraping of the websites one by one, follow the aforementioned steps.

• Open the website and select what you want to extract, like links, text, images etc..

• Move the cursor on the source (a particular website that you have browsed).

• Mention the ID & Type.

• Select the elements of the website and press the ‘Select’ tab. 

• Click on ‘Done Selecting’.

• Tick ‘Multiple’ check box before the ‘Selector’, if you want to extract multiple elements of the website.

• Hit the Save Selector tab at the bottom of the web developer tool. This step will save the elements that selected for extraction. 

• Lastly, press the drop down tab with the Sitemap (Sub-Title). Many options will drop down. 

• Select the ‘Scrape’ option.  This action will land you on a new window wherein the data extraction will go on in a loop. If you want to stop in the mid, just hit the cross icon to close this window. 

5. How to browse the collected data?

• You should follow all the aforementioned steps every time when you want to extract the data from the new web source/site.  However, it’s beneficial if you want to get a free leads. But, you have to play the circle of each step whenever you are likely to extract any new bit of information from the website.   

• If you want to explore how many realtors’ detail you have collected, navigate through the Sitemap tab.  

6. Exporting into a CSV file 

Now, you have the leads in the form of the extracted datasets. Export them as a CSV file. How-have a look:

• Press F12 on the website.

• Hit the Sitemap of that particular website on the web developer tool kit.

• Select the option-Export Data as CSV. 

• A window will ask you to download. Click the tab ‘Download Now’. 

• Thereupon, save the data on the preferred location. 

These are a few simple steps to catch on the valuable data. Since it’s a free addon from the Google, you don’t have to have a lot of money.  You can try these data scrapping tips and sharpen your scraping skills also.

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