Quitting smoking through vaping

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There is a lot of misinformation and confusion surrounding vaping, making it challenging to distinguish between what's accurate and what's not.

While vaping with nicotine is significantly less harmful than smoking, it is not entirely harmless, which is why it is not recommended for young individuals and non-smokers.

In this guide, you will discover the truth about vaping, backed by scientific studies and evidence. You will also receive recommendations on how to use vaping devices (also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs) as a means to quit smoking.

Using vapes can help quit smoking

Vapes are electronic devices that heat a solution (e-liquid) containing propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavourings, and nicotine, allowing you to inhale nicotine in a vapour instead of smoke. Different e-liquid nicotine strengths are available to help control cravings and other withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability and low mood. Nicotine is relatively safe and has been utilized in medicines to assist in smoking cessation for many years.

Vaping can assist in breaking the routines and rituals associated with smoking cigarettes, which can be difficult to stop. This can lead to an immediate reduction in the health risks associated with smoking.

Did you know that you are twice as likely to quit smoking by using a vape compared to other nicotine replacement products like patches and gum? Some people find that the hand-to-mouth action of vaping, along with similar sensations like a throat hit, helps them quit smoking. However, any smoking is harmful, and you will only gain the full benefits of vaping if you quit smoking completely. While some people can make a full switch quickly, others may take longer.

Vaping devices and e-liquids come in various forms

  • Disposable vapes such as Geek Bar and Elux Bar or rechargeable vapes like Elf Bar Pod and MOTI pod shaped like a highlighter pen that can be refilled with e-liquid capsules
  • Compact pod devices shaped like a flash drive or pebble, which can be disposable or rechargeable with refillable e-liquid capsules
  • Vape pens with refillable tanks, replaceable coils, and rechargeable batteries
  • "Cigalikes" that look like cigarettes, which can be disposable or rechargeable with e-liquid capsules
  • Customizable devices with variable power, which require more maintenance and are more challenging to use

When it comes to quitting smoking, discreet, low-vapour vapes such as vape bars, pod devices, and vape pens are recommended as they can deliver high amounts of nicotine. Starter kits typically include a variety of flavours. It's essential to choose an e-liquid with the right nicotine strength based on your smoking habits. You should start with a nicotine level that matches the frequency and quantity of your cigarette smoking.

You can purchase vapes from specialist vape shops, some pharmacies, other retailers, or online vape shops. It's critical to buy vaping products from reputable retailers to ensure that they comply with UK safety and quality regulations. However, no vaping products have been licensed as stop-smoking medicines in the UK. Consequently, the vape products are not available on prescription from a general practitioner or the NHS.

Helpful Tips for Switching to Vaping

Choose the Right Vaping Kit

Consult with a vape shop expert or a local Stop Smoking Service to find the best device and e-liquid nicotine strength for your needs. Finding the right combination may take some time, so be patient and persistent.

Vaping as Much as You Need

Using your vape frequently can help you manage your cravings and withdrawal symptoms, so don't be afraid to use it whenever you feel the urge to smoke.

Consider Using Nicotine Patches for Additional Support

Nicotine patches can provide ongoing support by releasing nicotine gradually. You can supplement this with your vape when you need immediate relief from cravings.

Talk to Other Vapers for Advice

Connect with people who have successfully transitioned from smoking to vaping. Ask them for tips, advice, and insights on what they wish they had known before they started. The experiences from the experienced vapers is rather helpful for you to quit smoking via vaping.

Typical negative effects of vaping

  • Coughing, dry mouth and throat
  • Mouth as well as throat inflammation
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headache

If you experience negative effects from vaping, it's important to consult from a stop smoking consultant or an experienced vaper before choosing to quit using a vape as your quit smoking tool. Making small adjustments to your vape items or exactly how you vape should be helpful. Negative effects can be quickly solved and should not stop you from vaping as a means to quit smoking cigarettes.

Becoming vape-free

When you have been vaping for a while and also feel sure you will certainly not go back to smoking, you can aim to quit vaping as well. A number of vapers find that they are in this stage after about a year, and there are some methods to help to decrease and stop vaping:

  • Decrease your frequency of vaping with time.
  • Progressively lower the strength of pure nicotine in your e-liquid.
  • Use less flavoursome e-liquids.

It is very important not to hurry this action. Just lower your vaping regularity or nicotine strength when you feel you will certainly not return to smoking and do not need to smoke more to make up.

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