Questions you should ask before hiring the design of your Web page

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The choice of the company that will develop the design of our new website is one of the most important decisions for any business and, often, the most difficult because of the complex assessment we must make between the balance of creative and of the technical knowledge of our future web design and development service provider.

To help you in this difficult decision, we indicate the questions that we consider key to making to all the candidate companies to design and develop our future Web page. Only in this way can we choose wisely and with detailed knowledge of what each company can offer us while also avoiding more of an unpleasant surprise that during the development of the website could appear and make us regret the decision made in that election.

What is your knowledge? Only Web design?

There is no doubt that the Web page is one of the most important assets that our business can have, besides that it will very possibly be our main commercial channel for acquiring new clients and communicating with our current clients. Hence the enormous importance in choosing the perfect Web design service provider that develops it and helps us to decide details before making the Web page.

But for a long time, the optimal design and development of a Web page not only requires extensive knowledge of design and programming, it goes much further than that; deep knowledge of online marketing, vision in Web content strategies, intuition in SEO positioning of Web pages, experience in usability and Web accessibility, graphic creativity skills, etc. are needed.

Have you designed Web pages before for any company in our sector or similar?

It is a much more important question than it may seem initially since, depending on which sector we are in, it may be necessary to approach the commercial strategy via the Web in a different way than it would be done in other sectors. Then, only previous experience in that sector can guarantee that the candidate is the ideal to design our Web page.

Will you design responsive Web, that is, responsive Web that will automatically adapt to all computers, tablets and mobile phones?

Except in very few and rare cases, the responsive Web design is the most recommended by any Internet search engine, such as Google, and by companies regulating accessibility and Web usability.

The Web designer should guarantee that the future Web page will automatically adapt to any device that visits it: desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

What content management system (CMS) do you recommend and why? Can you show us an example made by you?

Each web design company has a predilection for a web content management system or another.

We, as clients, are interested in knowing why the candidate company proposes that CMS system and what are its strengths and weaknesses compared to other possible systems. It is important to identify that the strengths offered by this system are in the line of favoring our main objectives identified for the website and in general the commercial strategy of our Internet business.

What is your Web design and development process?

The process followed by two web design companies can be completely different, since each company develops its own internal process of Web development based on its knowledge, experience and human and technological capacity.

Therefore, because the process is the axis of the development of the Web page, it is crucial that we know it in detail beforehand, as well as the people involved and their role in the Web project for future queries that we want to carry out during the design of the project. Web page.

What do you include in this price?

Each web design company estimates the development of a web page in a different way, so it is crucial to know exactly what that price includes and does not include.

We all like to know what we are getting in exchange for our money and what additional costs may come and why, and on the other hand, no one likes to receive unpleasant surprises at the moment of receiving the invoice, right? To avoid this, let's make sure we know in detail that it includes the price and what an additional expense of wanting it may represent, before signing anything.

Can you give references of your clients and their opinions about your service?

And we left for the end the most important point because we believe that this question can be revealing as an indicator of the quality of the candidate to design our Web page that we have before us.

We should ask about previous clients who worked with that web design company, especially if some of our clients are in our same sector or similar, what do you think about their services? how was the experience? How is the Web project working after its publication? What goals and successes have been achieved?

But, we are going to make an important investment with that candidate company, so we must make sure: can we see testimonies / direct opinions of the clients about that supplier?

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