PS5 vs Xbox Series X Which is Better? (Specs Breakdown)

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PS5 is the upcoming next-gen PlayStation that is going to be introduced in the year 2020. As a home console, Sony already desired to launch the successor of the earlier PS4 model that was with the name of PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim. The main designer of this upcoming console is Mark Cerny. However, the launching date and schedule is not yet released, but Cerny gave the sign that this PlayStation would include some new features.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X

On the other hand, Xbox Series X is a forthcoming gaming console produced by Microsoft. It was previously announced to be along with E3 of 2019 in a big assignment, “Project Scarlett.” The company also signified that this home-based gaming console would be introduced sometime at the end of 2020.

There are various specifications related to both these consoles that provide enhanced capabilities in the viewing experience and also the framing rate of the game. It also reduced the loading time of your particular game.

About the Upcoming Gaming Consoles

For a better gaming experience, players desire to get the best hardware and functionalities built-in it for enhancing performance-based technologies and features. The company is planning to provide all the necessary and upgraded features to its users. It helps in creating a strong bond between their consumers and the product. For various upcoming years, the company is going to put the de-facto maximum limit.

In the context of the importance of these two products, the companies put various important and exciting things such as compatibility, better performance products. For example, tech enthusiasts are saying that Microsoft will provide various necessary upgrades to its upcoming console “Xbox Series X,” such as compatibilities and brilliant resolution functions. The accessories of this gaming console will be compatible to support Xbox One consists of Xbox 360.

Some features will attract you to the experience of a new feeling of gaming. Follow these steps to know better:

Next-Gen Hardware

The hardware equipment of these two gaming consoles is slightly similar to each other. Sometimes, it might look uncanny according to its design, but you will know the reality if you get to know its internal features. It will be clear that these hold a powerful internal system.

Both the consoles hold the custom made processors built in the collaboration of AMD. Although each of them created and developed through particular and different agreements, they have many similarities. For example: if you see its CPU cores, then you will find that these two have eight in numbers. These cores are developed based on incredible “Zen- 2 7- nanometer” systems of AMD. In case you feel overloading techno-babble, then it means that these hold big processors.

Both the consoles used cost-effectiveness and high proficiency features to allow AMD to enhance the speed and selling of these two products. On the other hand, the performance will be like highly appreciated AMD based desktop CPU processors, but the clock speed will appear slow with cores.

For better, powerful, and uninterrupted gaming experience, players need a strong GPU and CPU. By keeping this in mind, the company integrates these two in one place for the upcoming gaming consoles. It’s an important move in the sense of gaming as consoles centres on games rather than common functions.

These upcoming gaming consoles purely depend on the newly introduced Navi graphics Units of AMD. Tech enthusiasts are describing the features of these consoles and regret that the graphic units are not as impressive as introduced earlier. Despite these facts, these consoles will work better in the field of performance. The compute units are identical in these two consoles. There is no more information related to the power of upcoming products to compare with the older ones. Some are saying that PS5 has the capability of surpassing RTX 2070 that has been a great graphic processor for many years.

Memory and Performance Speed of these Two Consoles

According to sources, both the gaming consoles hold the tremendous speed of performance to gaming experience without any hindrance. There is a rumour that both the consoles hold GDDR6 RAM of about 16 GB, a type of one of the quickest memory for GPU. The enhanced RAM storage and brilliant speed performance give a unique functionality than its predecessors. In terms of loading speed and other related performances, the company adds solid-state storage features to its structural plan. It provides more quick accessibility features to its users.

Next-Generation Capabilities

The upcoming console hardware will be a great improvement in terms of its capability, compatibility, and power. Gamers are expecting to get most of their desires from the manufacturing company. Both the consoles provide a video output of 8K with a greater framing rate of 120 Hz. It also provides a backward ease compatibility features. These gaming consoles can be playable at 8K on TV. The 120hz provides unrealistic functionality apart from the fewer requirement games such as the titles of esports. On 4K, one can play on lower framing rates. It can perform on standard resolutions if you are playing on 60hz as it provides a more profitable gaming experience
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