Protect Your Sewer Lines Now through These Tips

by Kevin Smith Author

When you think of your sewer lines, you know that they connect you to your local sewer that’s used by the homes in your community. You may not realize that you can be responsible for repairs on your sewer drain and part of the lines. What you do inside your home and around your house can impact how your sewer functions. These tips on sewer drain repair in Athens, GA, can help to keep your lines clean and clear.

Be Proactive

Depending on the age of your home, you may have clay or even lead pipes and lines. It can be beneficial to be proactive in having them replaced. Your older pipes will deteriorate over time. This deterioration can lead to the potential for a more significant issue as time goes by. Replacing them with PVC or copper lines now can help to save you from a plumbing disaster down the road.

Think Before You Plant

The trees, bushes, and shrubs you plant around your home can have an impact on your sewer lines and drain. Roots can be very destructive as plants are seeking out water and nutrient. Roots can invade sewer lines and create cracks in them. These roots can also clog up the lines as they grow.

Drain Cleaners

Another preventive maintenance step available to you is to use drain cleaners. You may think that this can be hard on your pipes, but that’s where enzyme cleaners can come into play. An enzyme cleaner is gentle on your system as they break down organic matter. This cleaner is better for your sewer lines and the environment than cleaners that are chemical based. A monthly treatment can be helpful in keeping everything running smoothly.

Watch What’s Put into Your Sewer System

Your pipes can be in trouble if you put things into them that you shouldn’t. Your toilet should only have traditional toilet paper and waste flushed in it. The wet wipes available today may say that they’re flushable, but they take much longer to break down and are causing problems in sewer lines around the country. You should also watch what goes into your kitchen sink. Even with a disposal unit, it’s a good idea not to put egg shells, coffee grinds, fats, oils, and grease down your drain.

Have you gotten to the point where you need a sewer drain repair in Athens, GA? Contact us at T&S Plumbing Services today. Let us help you get your sewer lines into tip-top shape.

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