Professional Cleaning Services – The Best Option for Your Server Room Cleaning

by Vikash Kumar Digital Marketing Manager
In years gone by, cleaning services provided by companies were not nearly as wide-ranging as they now are. Gone are the days of cleaning simply bringing to mind the image of an old mop and bucket. The cleaning industry has changed and grown in line with the needs of the customer, forcing it to become as innovative an industry as any. It is everchanging and rarely stationary, meaning new innovations are always emerging, therefore, data centre cleaning and server room cleaning can be tackled in an effective manner while taking into consideration the delicate nature of the task at hand. 

Perhaps the key to good server room cleaning is a server room cleaning schedule. A definitive guideline of when the cleaning should be carried out, and what exactly should be done is vital to making the whole process run smoothly and problem free. As with any cleaning task, organisation is necessary to ensure every area that needs to be cleaned is done to the highest standard and no important areas are missed. Server room cleaning is not as straightforward as entering the area, cleaning quickly and moving on. There are a number of things to consider and be mindful of. 

Your server room is the hub of day to day business operations. Vigilance is important with security procedures, passwords and data confidentiality in server rooms but dust and dirt are a very real threat that should not be ignored. Server rooms are a very important part of the business, so it is essential to have the skills of professional cleaning services on hand to deal with it. Dust and dirt build can damage the equipment in your server rooms over time if it is not dealt with in the correct way, as demonstrated in this detailed and useful report Effects of Dust on Computer Electronics, And Mitigating Approaches. There are many important takeaways from this report but just to highlight the potential vulnerability of your server room and the computing equipment in it, perhaps this is most appropriate, “PCs are electro-mechanical devices, and they have a variety of susceptibilities to dust. For situations where a PC is used in an environment with higher dust levels, these susceptibilities can surface very quickly”. This highlights the need for regular attention and cleaning whenever is necessary, which is most easily implemented with a server room cleaning schedule. 

When cleaning of these areas is carried out it is best for cleaning services to use small, well trained teams who have the necessary training, equipment and skills to expertly tackle the job at hand. The cleaning company should have received the necessary iso certification in server room cleaning, to show that they are in fact qualified to carry out this type of work. As well as having the proper credentials, they too should have the correct equipment. Vacuums fitted with high-efficiency particulate air filters should be used, damp flat mops should be used instead of standard sweeping brushes as well as specially designed cloths. All of these pieces of equipment are used with the goal of dust reduction in mind. Dust build up is the main adversary in server rooms and these innovative solutions are clever ways of ensuring that dust is kept to an absolute minimum. 

Not all cleaning companies will be equipped to carry out this specialist type of cleaning, so it is vital to find a company that has all the necessary working requirements as well as the specially designed cleaning equipment. This is the way to ensure that your server room is in safe and competent hands. CCS have vast experience in virtually all facets of the cleaning industry, with server room cleaning being no exception. CCS have all the necessary requirements for working in these types of environments coupled with the most innovative technologies around make them a wise choice to handle your server room cleaning.

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