Police Brutality and Wrongful Shootings – Shameful but True Incidents

by J. Ashwin Madia Lawyer

What is Police Brutality?
Unfortunately, a common term that is being flashed in news channels and newspapers almost on a daily basis, police brutality is the use of excessive and unnecessary force by police while dealing with civilians. Here, excessive use of force means use of unnecessary force that beyond what is actually required to handle a situation. There are a number of ways that depict police brutality. The most common and obvious forms include the physical abuse by police.

Using of nerve gas, pepper spray, batons and even guns to physically intimidate or intentionally hurt civilians comes under the police brutality incidents. False arrests, verbal abuse, psychological intimidation, racial profiling, and inappropriate use of Tasers are some of the other forms of police brutality. Illegal and wrongful shootings are the most dread forms of police brutality that is happening a lot now a day.

Recent Wrongful Police Shooting Cases in Minneapolis
Rise in police brutality and illegal shooting cases have taken away the faith of common people from the police and the law in Minnesota. Adding to the woes, last Saturday i.e. the 23rd of June 2018, a 31-year-old black man named Thurman ‘Junior’ Blevins, a resident of north Minneapolis was shot dead in the Minneapolis' Twin Cities Pride parade by the cops from Minneapolis Police Department. And this has led a rage in Minneapolis. While the police department claims that Blevins was carrying hand gun, the eyewitnesses dispute that claim. One of the eye witnesses, Eve Watson said that when the victim was complying with the police they used a Taser to shock him after which, he ran away yelling “Don’t Shoot” and later Watson heard over a dozen of shots.

Another similar incident occurred in 2015 when people protested outside the Fourth Precinct police station for the killing of Jamar Clark by the police. Such cases when happen it completely devastates the victim’s family.

It is truly shameful when police officers abuse their authority and hurt anyone without any valid justifications. No matter how stressful their job might be but they do not have the right to violate the law and use excessive force on civilians. Getting wrongfully arrested, beaten or tased by police creates a dreadful image of the police and the law in the hearts of the victims as well as their kin. Another unfortunate thing is even with the law covering police brutality most of the complaints made by civilians against excessive use of forces are not investigated properly.

And the worst part of such incidents is that people are unaware of their rights against such cruelty! The Federal Law called 42U.S.C 1983 prohibits the violation of constitutional rights by people acting under the law such as police officers. Filing complaints in the court when victimized by such incidents with the help of a good and experienced police brutality lawyer will help the victim of police brutality will be able to receive reimbursement of doctor’s fees, lost wages, and emotional distress. And for wrongful shooting incidents hiring a police shooting lawyer can help. They will guide you and legally represent your case in the courtroom efficiently.

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This post is written by Madia Law LLC- a law firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota represents police brutality and police shooting cases.

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