Pokemon GO: Prepare for New Gen 4 Evolutions and Pokemon

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Niantic took the Pokémon GO community by surprise as they introduced new generation 4 Pokemon at the eve of February first.

Players were already speculating for the inclusion of various new gen 4 Pokémon to the game, but developers at Niantic really surprised the community by including a total of fourteen new generation 4 Pokemon.

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You can refer the list below to know about the all fourteen new Pokémon that are going to be added in this February update.

  • Shieldon  Rock/Steel type (Pokedex #410)
  • Cranidos Rock type (Pokedex #408)
  • Rampardos Rock type(Pokedex #409)
  • Yanmega Bug/Flying type (Pokedex #469)
  • Gallade Psychic/Fighting type (Pokedex #475)
  • Tangrowth Grass-type (Pokedex #465)
  • Bastiodon Rock/Steel type (Pokedex #411)
  • Glameow Normal type (Pokedex #431)
  • Ambipom Normal type (Pokedex #424)
  • Purugly Normal type (Pokedex #432)
  • Lickilicky Normal type (Pokedex #463)
  • Froslass Ice/Ghost type(Pokedex #478)
  • Vespiquen Bug/Flying type (Pokedex #416)
  • Combee Bug/Flying type (Pokedex #415)

In this new February 2019 update, various generation 4 Pokémon are directly picked from the older generations. Which means trainers will have to evolve their old Pokemon to obtain these new gen 4 Pokémon.

Tangrowth, Yanmega, Ambipom, Froslass, Gallade, and Lickilicky are all such Pokemon which trainers would have to evolve by using candy or the Sinnoh Stone on their older forms to evolve them into gene 4 Pokémon.

  As the Sinnoh Stone is one of the rarest items to be found in the game, players will either have to look out for it in every possible location or will have to purchase it from the shop when available.

But surely not everyone is willing to spend those precious dollars so easily, and it is also possible that many players may restore to catching only the gen 4 Pokémon and ignore to evolve the other gen monsters.

Still searching for Sinnoh Stone is also a reliable option at the time of the upcoming Swinub Community Day challenge event, where trainers can obtain up to five Sinnoh Stones by completing the challenge.

 Other methods to find a Sinnoh Stone includes spinning the PokeStops, which provides players with the probability of finding the Stone with candy and Pokeballs.

One of the best ways to receive a Sinnoh Stone is by participating and winning PvP trainer battles which have high chances of receiving high-value rewards like the Sinnoh Stone.

It will undoubtedly require trainers to hard press on their training as new gen 4 Pokémon surely are a bit stronger and will provide hardcore action-packed PvP and gym battles. Still, the more significant challenge for players is to evolve their older gen Pokémon until they are directly available to catch.

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