Pokemon Go: How to Get Mega Energy and Perform Mega Evolution

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Pokemon Go is all set to launch “Mega Evolution” soon in the game. September is coming closer, and Niantic has revealed some images regarding Mega Evolution on Twitter. Now, trainers are highly excited about this new update that will launch in September. Mega Evolutions will allow the players to power-up the already existing Pokemon into an extremely powerful form.

It was firstly introduced in mainline games like “Pokemon X and Y.” Mega Evolutions happen through some special stones. In Pokemon Go, Mega Evolution will be a temporary transformation, and it will require a new item named “Mega Energy.”



Mega Evolutions are different from normal evolution. It works on some certain Pokemon and turns them into a more powerful form. To Mega Evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you will require an additional item named Mega Energy. Once a Pokemon evolves in Mega form, that Pokemon will stay in that form for a limited time, but you can use that Pokemon in several types of battles.

Once you turn a Pokemon in Mega form, their CP will increase, and you can check this on the screen as well. But, once they start to turn in standard form, their CP will start decreasing, and initially, it will turn back to normal.

Additional information about Mega Evolutions:

  • The initial limit to turn a Pokemon into Mega form is only one. You won’t be able to turn more than one Pokemon in Mega form. However, if you try to Mega Evolve a second Pokemon, the first one will turn back to normal.
  • You cannot turn a Shadow Pokemon in the Mega Evolution form.
  • Clone Pokemon cannot turn into the Mega Evolution form.
  • You can see the Pokemon in Pokédex that supports Mega Evolution.
  • Pokemon Go will add two new medals in the game: first, collect Unique Mega Evolutions and second for total Mega Evolutions.

Players are excited for the Mega Evolutions to arrive soon, and for the trainers, Niantic has confirmed that a Special Research “A Mega Discovery” is going to release soon. Along with it, September month will be filled with Mega Evolutions events and themes.

  • September 1st to September 7th: Mega Raid-focused Mega Evolution event.
  • September 11th to September 17th: Battle-focused Mega Evolution event.
  • September 22nd to September 28th: Buddy-focused Mega Evolution event.


For every Pokemon, Mega Energy is specific, similar to the Pokemon candies. As an example: If you wish to perform Mega Evolution of Bulbasaur, then you’ll need Bulbasaur Mega Energy. You can get Mega Energy through playing Mega Raid battles, it’s a type of raid where you can battle against Mega Evolved Pokemon. You can win Mega Energy by winning the raid, but the faster you win the Mega Raid, the higher Mega Energy you will receive.


Indeed, Mega form of a Pokemon is temporary, but you can use it in various locations of the game:

  • Battling in Gyms
  • Battle in Team Go Rocket encounters
  • Battling against Friends
  • Used as a Buddy

Meanwhile, trainers can’t use the Mega Evolution forms to Defend the Gyms.


There‘s a massive list of Mega Pokemon in Pokemon world. Currently, there’s no news of which Pokemon Niantic will release firstly. Throughout the year, Niantic has released several extraordinary events and added Pokemon in the game. Now, September is going to be a massive month for trainers because of the Mega Evolution update and Porygon Community Day.

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