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Sikkim Golden Keno: Play for fun and win an exciting lottery

Keno is a very popular gambling lottery game around the world. We in India today love playing Keno on online casino websites. The North-East Indian state of Sikkim is pretty serious about Keno. Sikkim Golden Keno is one of the most played lottery games in the state. 

Top Casino Guru will provide you with information on how to play the game and how to win. However, before we do that, let us step back into history to know the origins of the game. 

Keno is a Latin or French word meaning five winning numbers (spelled as quine). Though the word Keno has different roots, the game is believed to have originated in China. The legend has it that funds were raised across China to save an ancient city from war. This fund was then used to build the Great Wall of China. Later the game was played by people and even royalty in China just to have fun. No wonder, India being a neighboring country of China, keno became popular in India, especially in Sikkim. 

What is Sikkim Golden Keno?

Sikkim Golden Keno is fun to play and also gives winning payouts to players. You can play the game online on a reputed online casino or through an authorized lottery license holder. You can choose your lucky numbers or birthdates to play Sikkim Golden Keno. 

Sikkim Golden Keno is a game of probability, so the five numbers you choose will give you the winning chances. For each of your numbers that match the Keno lottery numbers, you win prizes. Read our guide and learn how to play the game and apply the strategies to win big prizes. 

So, best of luck!!

How to Play Sikkim Golden Keno?

Sikkim Golden Keno is played like any other Keno game. Keno is a simple number lottery game. It has some very basic and easy-to-understand rules which anyone can know and start to play. 

1. Keno spot or number selection: 

So, since this is a spot or number game, you need to select any 10 spots from 1-80. You will then confirm the number of spots you want to play. 

2. Choose your wager amount:

In Sikkim Golden Keno lottery, you will then choose the wager or bet amount. The higher the bet amount, the higher your prize money grows. Remember, Keno Prize is an accumulation of the wager amounts of all the participants. So, keep in line with the maximum and minimum bet amount and accordingly play. 

3. Make payment and enter the Keno lottery draw: 

Once you make the payment, you enter the keno lottery draw. For example, if you have bought a minimum ticket of Rs. 10, and the Keno lottery top prize is Rs. 10 lakhs. Then, you can even double your bet amount to Rs. 20 and double your winning top prize to Rs. 20 lakhs, if you match all the keno spots. 

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Sikkim Golden Keno Strategies:

You can increase your chances of winning Keno if you apply a few strategies. Many past winners have revealed a few points to note when you play the Sikkim Golden Keno game. 

1. Use Consecutive Numbers: 

Some winners claim that they have won by choosing consecutive numbers. However, this trick may work and may not work. You may even skip a number between a sequence of 20 consecutive numbers. For example, you may pick numbers 4,5,7,9,10, when you have taken consecutive numbers, but skipped numbers 6 and 8. 

2. The Double Up Strategy:

Ok, so yes, the double-up strategy is the same as the martingale strategy. Here you double up the wager amount of the previous losing Keno bet. 

However, this strategy may not work wonders in Keno, since the probability of hitting all 20 numbers is very low. You may even lose all your money. So, be careful and do not just simply double your bets, unless you have a clear vision. 

3. Alphabetical Number formula: 

If you do not know what this is, then read this quick guide. 

  • A=A, B-A = BAC-B = CBD-C = DCE-D = EDF-E = FE is an alphabetical formula. 
  • So, 1st number = A2nd number = B3rd number = C4th number = D5th number = E and 6th number = F.
  • Now, replace all the alphabets with the 6 random numbers you pick and calculate the formula. 
  • The calculation will leave you with 6 final numbers. Now, each number is further added with 3. So, this process must be repeated 5 more times. (For example: if the 1st number is 4, 4+3 = 7+3 = 10+3 = 13 + 3 = 16 + 3 = 19 + 3 = 22. So, with the 1st number, you get 6 more numbers, i.e., 7, 10, 13, 16, 19 and 22). 
  • So, finally, you will be left with 36 numbers. (6 original number picks x 6 new numbers for each original number). 
  • Thus, out of these 36 numbers, you may want to pick 20 numbers that lie between 1-80. This will narrow down your spots and make sure you are consistent in using the same numbers. Therefore, this strategy can increase your Keno winning chances. 

4. Probability of numbers: 

When you use probability, then you can narrow down the best numbers to play the Keno. When you use probability, you can check the odds your winning numbers will get you. Though, this can be a complicated method, if you are not a number person. In that case, you can try the alphabetical number formula that has equally good winning odds. 

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Therefore, in order to win Sikkim Golden Keno, you may have to try 2-3 strategies mentioned above in combination. So, we can say that there is no full-proof strategy, so a mix of strategies could give you better chances of winning amazing prizes. Also, make sure that luck also plays a small role in this.

Thus, whether you play Sikkim Golden Keno or any other lottery or keno game, you can use the above guide. 

Therefore, play the keno or lottery with caution and responsibility. You must keep a set monthly budget to play Keno, and make sure you do not go over that amount. So, this will ensure that you do not go overboard and risk losing a lot of money. 

Sikkim Golden Keno FAQ’s:

With how many numbers is the Sikkim Golden Keno?

Mostly, the Sikkim Golden Keno is played with 6 numbers or spots. You can choose the numbers between 1-80. 

Is there a sure way of winning keno patterns?

Any Keno game you play is purely a game of probability. However, if you are good at math, then you can definitely take out the probability of numbers that could appear in the Keno lottery. You may even try the alphabetical number formula. 

Whatever numbers you choose, make sure to consistently use them. Past Keno winners have revealed that consistency is an important ingredient to big Keno lottery wins. 

Is there any typical pattern in the Sikkim Golden Keno game?

When we look at the past Sikkim golden lottery result, there is no such winning pattern. However, most players believe that numbers 1,2,23,34, and 72 are the most commonly drawn numbers.

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