Ping Game: Whats a Good Ping for Gaming & How to Check Your Ping?

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If you’re an avid gamer, you probably know how important ping game is to your online gaming experience. In this post, we’ll answer common questions related to ping speed and provide the ins and outs of it so that you can enjoy your game with as few interruptions as possible.


What is Ping game?

gaming ping

What is ping speed?

Ping, measured in milliseconds (ms), is the amount of time taken to send data from your device to a game server on the internet and vice versa.

The term "ping game" refers to the time it takes between a player's input and the server's response to those inputs. A lower ping is preferable since it implies less latency and a more fluid online gaming performance.

Why is ping important in games?

Ping is a more crucial component in most online games. Professional esports tournaments are often LAN events to reduce ping. This ensures that a game's outcomes depend on his/her performance rather than network performance.

Shooter games, particularly FPS games, are one of the most prevalent genres where low ping is vital. It gives a player approaching around a corner a temporary edge in reaction time because their opponent's character model has not yet come around the bend. 

gaming ping

Why ping matters?

When you look behind a corner, the player with the lower ping can see you before your computer recognizes his movement.

If you experience odd effects in your game, like stuttering or hits connecting when they shouldn't, chances are you get a high ping.

Whats a good ping for gaming?

An excellent ping for professional gamers would range from  20ms to 50ms, and most gamers will be happy with that figure because it provides a seamless experience. In the event of packet loss, it should remain at 0% to avoid any unintended data loss.

A good gaming ping is between 40ms and 60ms, or even lower. When your ping exceeds 100ms, the game begins to behave differently. High ping in gaming causes jittery controls and sluggish inputs, and packet loss exacerbates the problem by causing the player character to teleport all over the place and causing even more lag.

gaming ping

Good ping for gaming

Playability at these pings is determined by both your skill level and the type of game you're playing. First Person Shooter (FPS) games, for example, are particularly sensitive to ping. You may notice the issue between 50 and 90 milliseconds. For Multiplayer Online Games and Real-time strategy games, they're less susceptible to higher pings.

How to check ping on windows 10

It is highly recommended to run a ping test before playing a game to ensure your ping is low enough to be free of lag and jitter.

There are two main ways to perform a game ping test: Using an online ping tester and using CMD:

#1. Using a ping test

There is a slew of internet speed tests available out there such as or You simply visit these sites and quickly get a general idea of how low or high your ping is. Besides, they also help test your internet connection speed.

Check your ping with MySpeed

Check your ping with MySpeed

Note: Use a wired connection with an ethernet cable rather than a wireless connection if possible when testing your internet connection for the most accurate result.

#2. Run a gaming ping test with CMD

To ping test for gaming in Windows 10, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Windows Search Bar at the left bottom corner of your screen.

Step 2: Type CMD and click Open. A Command Prompt window appears.

Step 3: Type Ping followed by a space and your IP address. For instance, you would enter “ping”. 

Step 4: Hit Enter and wait for the results to be displayed.

How to test ping in cmd

How to test ping in cmd

In conclusion

We’ve provided insights into the ping gamewhat is a good gaming ping as well as two simple ways to check your ping with ease. Enjoy this piece of information?


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