Physiotherapy Beyond Injuries and Fractures In Sharjah

by Pooja Chauhan Freelance Professional

Fractures are sometimes accompanied by various malformations, depending on the depth and size of the injury, and the damage of blood vessels, nerves, muscles and other soft tissue near the fracture area. Massive fractures can lead to articular complications, such as the fissure of the joint near the affected area due to long-term stabilization.

The severity and degree of fracture change usually depends on the amount of force that caused the fracture. If a point is exposed to a small force, the bone may be spread without changing or moving. If the force increases significantly, such as in collisions or fire injuries, the bone may break apart and scatter its parts. If parts of the bone protrude outside the skin or sieve the wound from the outside to the bone, these fractures are called "open fractures" The wound and then the bone are exposed to dangerous bacterial infections.

Rehabilitation is vital to return to normal to strengthen weakened joints and muscles

Treatment of injuries and fractures also includes treatment for joint stiffness, weakness and muscle atrophy.

In the past, these complications were treated by massaging and moving the joints - sometimes strongly - without allowing the injured to move them themselves, so the muscles remained weak, and the massage often caused damage.

In accordance with the correct treatment method used today, after the end of the treatment of injury or fracture and lifting gypsum: -


First: In cases of injuries and fractures of upper limbs:

The patient must rely on himself to move all the joints continuously until they return to normal.

Second: In the case of injury and fractures of the lower limbs:

The patient is encouraged to start walking with two aches in the first place until he becomes a natural walk without them, as well as moving all the joints.

The movement of joints is subject to certain exercises determined by the physiotherapist in Sharjah to strengthen certain muscles, and sometimes the situation is determined to perform these exercises within the swimming pool.

 Physical therapy aids in Sharjah

 1.Heating In some cases, heating is used as a pain reliever and in the treatment of muscle excretions.

Heat can be obtained using any thermal source, infrared lamp, or short wave device.

In order to treat stiffness of finger joints, we usually use a "wax bath" which helps to improve the movement of the fingers.


2. Ice

And resort to the effect of pain, and may be superior in this heating in some cases, and usually used ice in a bag and placed on the injured part to relieve pain.


3. High frequency sound waves

These waves have a pain-relieving effect through their mechanical effect on the hymen, but should be used with caution and not exceeding the appropriate dose.


4- Electrolysis

The voltage (Galvanic and Faradik) is used to alert weak or paralyzed muscles.


5. Animation

We stress that the injured person should immediately begin to move the limb in all directions (individual and idolatry) to avoid the occurrence of stiffness and subsequent pain of eventually permanent disability

6 - Distraction

You should warn your physiotherapist in Sharjah to massage or move vigorously to avoid osteoporosis.

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