PET bottles means Total Safety and Hygiene

by Ricky Martin Marketing Consultant
Safety and Hygiene is the first and foremost concern for every individual. One of the leading PET bottles manufacturers of India ensures that they are at par with all the safety and hygiene standards. PET bottles undergo through extensive studies, scientific testing and regulatory approvals to ensure absolute quality and their practices and innovative techniques for production makes them superior and effective.

Why PET over other plastics?
Unlike other plastic materials, PET is highly recognized by Medical Authorities around the world. The qualities of PET bottles range from being strong, lightweight, shatterproof, non-reactive and economical making them suitable for the packaging of products like personal care, pharmaceutical, medical applications, foods and beverages. It is also used to carry home prepared food containers suitable for warming the food in oven or microwave. It is also resistant to attack by micro-organisms, does not react with foods or beverages, and will not biologically degrade.

Reduce, Recycle and Re-use
The three “R”s are the virtue and only path to attain a sustainable environment. PET bottles and containers are recyclable and highly sustainable. They can be recovered and recycled again and again back into containers for foods, beverages and personal care products and into carpet fibers, clothing fibers, automotive parts, construction materials, industrial strapping or other packaging materials. There is a leading manufacturer of PET bottles in North, who strongly believes in sustainable growth. PET bottles have a positive environmental profile as it is a remarkably energy-efficient packaging material, with an environmental impact that compares very favorably to glass, aluminum and other container materials. 

However, the refilling and re-use of any bottle requires careful cleaning with soap and hot water, and thorough drying, to make sure it is free from bacteria. It is especially important to completely dry a bottle before refilling and re-use, since bacteria can thrive in moist environment.

What Science Says?
According to science, PET does not contain BPA, phthalates, dioxins, lead, cadmium or endocrine disruptors which makes it globally safe and hygienic for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and medical applications. The combination of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid under high temperature and low vacuum pressure forms a polymer chain, creating PET. The resulting polyester polymer is extremely stable, tough and chemically inactive. PET is highly resistant to chemical or biological reaction with other substances and this non-reactive quality makes PET the best.

This article emphasizes on the use and benefits of PET bottles to ensure a healthy living.

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