Personal Injury Cases Can Be Difficult Without a Lawyer

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If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else, then you may have the grounds for a personal injury case. While it is your right to take the case to court on your own without legal representation, personal injury cases can get complicated. There are many deadlines and requirements you must meet to get your case in front of a judge and have the possibility of winning. In most cases, it is in your best interest to hire a personal injury accident lawyer.

The Basics of Personal Injury

You may have a personal injury case if another person's negligence or actions caused you harm. This could include being bitten by someone else's dog or getting into a car accident. In order to prove your claim in court, you have to prove the other person is liable. This can sometimes be quite difficult to do. In those cases, it helps to have the experience and knowledge of a personal injury accident lawyer on your side.


Damages are what happened to you due to the accident. This could be an injury or property damage. You will have to show in court that the other person's negligence or actions led to the damages you incurred. The judge will then consider the evidence you provided. If you have proven your case, the judge will award you compensation for the damages.

Basis for a Claim

The basis for your claim is your proof of the other person's liability for the accident. This is what you have to prove in order to win your case. Many personal injury cases are based on negligence, which means the person failed to do something that would have prevented your injury. However, there are other options upon which to base your case. These include intentional wrongs, which are based on someone doing something directly to you that caused your injury, and strict liability, which is specifically related to product defects that cause injury. You will need to know which basis to use in order to properly try your case in court and provide the evidence needed to win.

The Lawsuit

To file a lawsuit, you will need to fill out the proper documents and file them with the proper court. It should be fairly easy to find out which court in which to file, but filing out the paperwork can be tricky if you have no prior experience. If you make a mistake on your paperwork, it could affect your case. It is essential to make sure you provide all the requested information.

After your case is filed, you need to gather evidence and share that evidence with the defense. If you fail to provide all the evidence you have to the defense, it could negatively affect your case. Keep in mind that gathering evidence includes talking to witnesses and getting any physical evidence, along with getting information on your damages.

The defense attorney may try to settle the case. This is where an offer is made for compensation. It often will not be for the amount you want. You may have to negotiate with the attorney to reach an agreement. If you cannot settle the case, then you will go to trial. It is usually best to settle a case than to go to trial as trials can be expensive and you may end up losing and getting no compensation.

Your Best Option

Your best option when you have a personal injury case is to hire an experience personal injury accident lawyer. A lawyer has the ability to ensure that every step of the process is handled properly. He or she knows how to gather evidence and is skilled in negotiations. It is a good idea to at least meet with an attorney about your case before you decide to do it without legal representation.

Finding a lawyer should begin with looking for attorneys who practice personal injury law. Such attorneys are educated and experience in this area of law specifically. This means they handle such cases every day and are very familiar with the process and procedures.

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