Perfect Tips for Using an Airbrush Makeup Machine

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

The best Luminess silk airbrush system will be wasted on you if you don’t know the proper way to apply the makeup. Given how much a bit of airbrush makeup costs, you’ll want to learn enough to improve your skills, so you won’t end up with wasting too much of your supplies.

Here are top tips to help you get better at using your choice of airbrush makeup machine.

Check the air source

Before you start spraying, make sure the spray gun is secure and that the air source is on right. That way, the spray will result in evenly-distributed foundation. Doing a test patch can also help you check for any problems. Don’t have one handy? No worries. The back of your hand should do.

Shake the foundation

Before you insert a few drops of the foundation into the spray gun opening, take the time to shake the foundation, Total Beauty says. That’s going to get rid of bubbles in the makeup.

Go with a circular motion

When you start spraying, use a circular motion to apply the makeup. Make sure you go from top to bottom. Wait until the layer is dry before you check for any mistakes or unevenness. If you can still see changes in the skin tone, then apply another layer. Do this until you achieve the coverage you want.

Don’t stop

This can take a bit of getting used to. However, when you start using your airbrush makeup machine, remember not to stop. If you do, even for a second, that’s going to result a bad buildup. Avoid that by keeping your movements slow.


Play around with the airbrush makeup. Check out tutorials online. Read up on tips and techniques. Knowing as much as you can about how to apply the makeup will help you learn a whole lot faster. If you don’t want to

Keep the right distance

When you use your Luminess silk airbrush system, keep it at the right distance from your face. If you spray too close, the makeup will only drip off, Popsugar says. If you don’t want to end up with a sticky mess for your makeup, then start spraying at least five fingers away from your face. Use that as a marker so you’ll get even application.

Skip the powder

A lot of makeup artists use a light dusting of powder to lock in liquid-based foundations. That doesn’t exactly work on airbrush makeup, though. You want to let it dry instead. Don’t touch it with a brush or any powder. If you don’t wait, and you touch your face with a brush or sponge, you’ll only end up with a lot of smudges. Then you’ll be forced to start over.

Pick the right shade

Don’t forget to pick a shade that’s close to the natural color of your face. It would also be a good idea to apply the same shade to your neck and even the top of your shoulders so they will all match,=. 


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