Pay-per-Click vs. Social Network Advertising: Which is more Budget Friendly?

by Jeremy Banks Evolutesix
In 2017, it finally came. TV no longer held the top position in advertising fees. 
Digital advertising spent a staggering amount of $208 billion worldwide surpassing the traditional TV advertising, which only spent only $178 billion.

But these ads were only able to reach millions of people per day, not just because the internet is available, but also because of the marketing techniques they used.

Two of the most used marketing techniques are pay-per-click advertising services and social media advertising. Both can be useful, but which one is worth it?

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Pay Per Click Advertising

By the name itself, pay-per-click is an internet marketing strategy where advertisers pay only when someone clicks their ad placement.

It’s like you pay for someone to visit your website, rather than attempt to “wait” for someone to visit to your site.

So how much do you pay? 

The pricing for PPC is based on bidding on a certain keyword. Meaning, the more people use a certain term in their search, the more expensive it will be. 

The internet is a jungle full of postings and ads, and if you really want to stand out from the crowd, then you create PPC ad.

One of the most popular PPC advertising systems right now is Google Adwords, though Yahoo, Bing and Facebook also have their own PPC advertising systems as well. 

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a system of internet marketing that uses social media as a marketing tool. 

Right now, these are the top five most popular social media sites according to Small Business Trends:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google+
  5. Youtube

The goal for advertisers is to produce content and make it “viral”. This means that users engage and share your content, building awareness about your brand. It is like a social circle where users can join groups, follow organizations, and share insights.

One advantage of social media advertising is that you do not have to pay for your content to be posted. But if you want to “boost” your post, that’s the time you pay a certain amount, depending on how long you want to boost your post.

When to Use the Advertising Tools?

Now that we’ve established what PPC advertising and social network advertising is, here are the opportunities they could offer your business.

Pay-per-click is cost effective because you only pay whenever someone clicks your ads, plus it is very measurable since you will know much your ROI will be after running an ad. PPC is also customizable because you can make small adjustments while running your ad.

PPC is best if your goal is to drive more traffic to your website. You can also use when you have a time-sensitive offer like sales and deals.

On the other hand, you can use social media advertising can help build awareness about your brand or business. Another advantage of social media is that they have more detailed demographics, so you can easily target the audience or market that you want.

You can also redirect users (and there are millions of them) to your website using social media as well.

The only time you pay is when you want to boost your post, which is also customizable. 


Truth is both tools are cheaper than tri-media advertising, so if you have the budget, it is always a good strategy to run both platforms. 

But if you cannot afford both platforms, take a step back and revisit your goal.
Is audience targeting your priority? Or do you still need to spread a word about your business?

Then you can run a test on both platforms one at a time, and see if you which one gives you a better ROI.  

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