Part 1- Awesome Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

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Things have enhanced beyond our imagination with the rise of smartphone technology. Very easily, smartphones have become our quintessential items.

Alongside smartphones, numerous technologies have become a necessity in our lives. And you can’t ignore that mobile app development has given increased revenue also. As per Statista, you can expect $581.9 billion in income from mobile apps by 2020.

Henceforth, mobile application development trends started growing and materialising. Both app developers and users are responsible for this evolution. Nonetheless, these trends have simplified our lives in different ways.

2019 was a great calendar year in terms of tech progress - from AI mobile applications to IoT - we have seen and experienced a lot this year.

Undoubtedly, it can be said that all that happened in 2019, will remodel the mobile application development industry in the upcoming year. And with the rise of smartphones, businesses globally are getting new opportunities now with a strong user base.

Since mobile has the power to boost the visibility of a brand, every business owner is trying to reap its advantages.

Moreover, the future of mobile applications also appears shinier then before. Thereby, let us find out which mobile app development styles will dominate the year 2020!

Mobile App Development Styles in 2020

1. Machine Learning and AI

AI is already a known phenomenon. It is predicted that by the entire year 2024, the market for AI will be at $191 Billion. Henceforth, more industries are seeking to combine the system with human intelligence.

By now, the manufacturing and medical sectors have shown amazing efforts for promoting efficiency through ai. This has been possible due to the high precision and capacity of capturing real-time events.

The integration of machine learning and ai is very helpful in crucial activities like mobile application development. Whether it is iOS app development or Android application development, it can learn the procedure of app building from earlier data, identify issues, and troubleshoot them in real-time.

Moreover, it can learn complete user activities and behaviours through their daily usage patterns and apply required actions with no guidelines.

With the combination of IoT and AI, you don’t require tapping your fingers to get tasks done. You can relax and simultaneously AI controls your devices, houses, automobiles, etc. itself.

Some future AI trends are the following:

Predicting consumer behaviors
Integration of AI with IoT
AI-enabled face unlock
AIOps for automating IT functions
Smart camera with subject identification
Adaptive battery for more battery lifespan
High app reliability for cyber security
Language and voice translations

2. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a great technology that is beyond IT buzzwords and cryptocurrencies. And it has made its way to the mobile application development segment also.

Blockchain is a decentralized database - the chain of blocks present on more than 1 PC at the same time. These blocks continuously build as new data is recorded. When new data are added, the old blocks are saved and everybody receives a copy of the whole database.

It is apparent that this technology prevents data breaching or creating fake documents. In case somebody makes an error, you can trace it.

Several online wallets and smart ledgers depend on Blockchain technology. In case you are bothered to make payments via credit cards or reluctant to make cross-border obligations, don’t worry! Just use a Blockchain-enabled mobile payment app.

Some expected future developments of Blockchain are the following:

Blockchain as a service (BaaS)
Trading on cryptocurrency exchange
Blockchain in anti-piracy

3. IOT

Have you ever thought that the internet would be this much necessitous inside our lives? If you think that the internet cannot control everything in our lives, you should just opt for the Internet of Things.

Suppose you are outside and you just forgot to lock your home. Rather than going back to your house, you can lock your home from the location where you are currently. You just require installing an IoT app on your smartphone, and IoT powered lock system and an active internet connection.

So, not just your house or workspace, but in the future, you can control nearly everything with the use of IoT systems.

IoT items like August smart lock, August doorbell cam, Philips lighting system, and Amazon dash button have already won millions’ hearts.

Many companies are already making a transition to IoT application development. It is expected that IoT devices will be as omnipresent as smartphones in 2020.

4. 5G Technologies

5G wireless service is not only one of the top tech tendencies in mobile app development but also highly important in the forthcoming 2020.

Undoubtedly, the speed of the 5G network will be 100 times faster than the 4G network. The industry professionals anticipate a changeover from presently used 4G services to the 5G cellular network by the end of 2020.

Apart from the high speed, the 5G wireless services also serve other functionalities like:

3D gaming
Augmented Reality
Data security
Since the 5G services offer an extensive range of opportunities, the application designers should design the applications appropriately, so that users can enjoy faster network velocity for improved performance.

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