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by SONIKA DHALIWAL Professional

A lot of people are choosing to go the digital marketing route for their websites and webpages, and one of the things that have made it easier and more effective for people to attract audiences to their webpages and their content is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Given that the potential consumer first looks to a webpage for information on a variety of things, it is important that a website ranks high on the results of a search engine such as Google without which they may not be able to drive the necessary traffic to their website as they seek. Programmers everywhere are beginning to take the implications of SEO more seriously because they realize that the SEO strategies that one implements can have a serious and consequential impact on the website. SEO is a tremendously dynamic concept and it is important to remember that each facet of SEO influences another. That is why it is tremendously important to have a holistic understanding of what might affect SEO rankings. It is for this reason that pagination is important. A lot of people do not understand what pagination exactly is or what it involves. If you are looking to find out more about pagination and how it affects SEO strategies, read this further.

How Can I Understand What Pagination Is?

One of the first questions that anyone asks when it comes to pagination is what it is. What is pagination is a commonly and frequently asked question by those who are practicing SEO. Anyone who has seen a book or a ledger will be able to understand what pagination is through that simple analogy. Usually, a book or a ledger is numbered to make access to the content easier. It is also indexed with references to the page number. That is essentially what pagination is but in an electronic form. If you are planning an SEO campaign for your website or blog, then paginating the content effectively is a huge and important part of the SEO strategy. One of the things that SEO attempts to achieve is increased traffic and ensuring that the said traffic remains captive – that is, more people should visit the page, and must also stay on it. One of the ways to ensure that effectively is to paginate because paginating improves the quality of the interaction that an individual has with the website. Without pagination, the experience of the user may be less than optimal.

What Should I Keep In Mind What I Am Attempting Pagination?

One of the first things that people should keep in mind when they are paginating is that the indexed pages should add value either to your user who is visiting the website or should help in improving the rankings of the page. Secondly, the crawl depth or the number of times a person has to navigate the page to reach what they are looking for is something that must be kept in mind. Pagination should also not lead to duplication, because if your content seems duplicated, it is likely to negatively affect your SEO ranking.


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