Overview of Cummins Generator Set

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Advantages of Cummins generators/gensets:

Good quality, low fuel consumption, low noise, big output power and reliable performance. Their reliable stability, economy, power performance, durability and environmental safety is welcomed by customers at home and abroad, and they offer a warranty of the global ”Three Guarantee”. 

The engines of the Sino-US joint venture Dongfeng Cummins and Chongqing Cummins have small volume, light weight, low fuel consumption, high power and reliable work, and the spare parts supply and maintenance is convenient. They adopt electronic governor, with protection functions such as alarm and automatic parking for too high temperature in the cooling water, too low oil pressure or too high speed.


Product overview of Cummins generators/gensets

1) Design, production and testing of the gensets are in full compliance with national standard GB/T2820–97.

2) Equipped with Cummins engine. With advanced technology, reliable performance and long service life.

3) the excitation systems of generators enable the quick recovery of frequency fluctuation in any instantaneous loading.

4) Low power design of the generators minimizes the waveform distortion under nonlinear loads, and brings a good ability of starting motor.

5) Cummins company provide quality assurance for all series products of the company.

6) Cummins has built a professional service network all over the country, which provides after-sales services and supply spare parts for 24 hours a day.


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Process introduction of Cummins generators/gensets:

1. Air intake and exhaust system of Cummins gensets

1) Use the hanger or brace to support the exhaust pipe and the supercharger

2) Bellows are strictly prohibited to act as elbow and the compensation of installation error

3) For sets over 200 kw, stainless steel bellows above 610 mm are used.

4) Gas pipes are in horizontal layout with a slope of 0.3–0.5%. The slope face the outdoor, and a drain valve is set at the lowest position.

5) The diameter short not be less than vent pipe during the configuration of engine exhaust pipe.

6) If the exhaust pipe must be bending upwards, the drainage bolt should be set up at the starting point of going up.

7) During the installation of multiple gensets, special attention should be paid to common exhaust pipes.


2. Cooling systems of Cummins generators

1) Air inlet should be set on the ends or both sides of generators, with the area 2.2 times greater than the tank area.

2) The air outlet area should be 1.5 times of water tank area, and the shutters and wind wall should be installed at the air outlets.

3) flexible duct flanges are used to connect to the water tank, so as to absorb displacement and vibration of the sets and prevent the spread of noise.

4) Hot air must be vented to the outside of the chamber through the air duct, and the duct area should be smoothly transmitted from small to large values. If there are curves in the air ducts, the guide plate must be installed in order to reduce the pressure loss.

5) when the environment temperature is higher than the design temperature, we should consider use it by reducing the power.

3. Standard configuration of Cummins generators/genset

Engine: Cummins 4 stroke diesel engines

Generator: Stamford/marathon brushless AC generators

Control system: controllers dedicated for the sets with the microprocessor acting as the core

Start-up system: the engine adopts DC motor startup

Short circuit protection: MCCB air switch

Cooling system: online cooling tank that could satisfy the requirement of ambient temperature at 40oC

Filter system: Cummins engine oil, fuel oil and air filter

Attachment: accessories such as exhaust elbow, bellows, silencer

Installation of Cummins generators/generator

1. Chamber design of Cummins generator

1) The sets should be in horizontal layout, and they can be in longitudinal layout when they are limited by the building site.

2) When the chamber is adjacent to the control chamber, the outlet end of the generator and the cable trench should be close to the transformer chamber.

3) The battery should be close to the side of the start-up motor

4) The chamber should have enough inlets for fresh air. The duct of the hot air and smoke should be stretched out to the outdoor, air inlet should be placed by the side of the motor, and their outlet should be installed in the side of the tank.

5) The chamber should adopt comprehensive control measures for the noise removal of sets and sound insulation of chambers.

2. Processing method in noise reduction of Cummins gensets

A. Gensets are installed on the concrete floor.

1) We should pour a reinforced concrete base over the floor.

2) The concrete base should pass one month pressure test of over 173 kpa.

3) The concrete base should be at least 150 mm above the floor, with an extension of at least 150 mm per side long the chassis of the set,

4) The cement base should be embedded with the “J” or “L” type anchor bolt.


B. Gensets are fixed on the chassis type fuel tank:


1) The shock absorber must be equipped between engine and fuel tank.

2) The structure and strength of the tank must be able to support static load and dynamic load of the sets.

3) We must keep a certain distance between the bottom of the tank and the ground, so as to facilitate the maintenance

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