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by Joseph Smith Sports Medicine Surgeons

The decision you make to visit a knee specialist is quite vital. If you have already decided to visit such a specialist, then you might be suffering from knee pain or swelling on the knee for some time now. Well, this can be a sign of knee injury. So, the time has come to move for the knee specialist Austin instead of ignoring this issue for a long time. It can be very hazardous once ignored. The joint of knee is the largest joint in our body.

It comprises of several other components and they all need to perform properly so that you can carry out your day to day works like walking, standing, running, etc without any problem. Even one of them come across injury, the others can also perform with less strength. There are some common knee injuries like ligament tears, sprains, fracture and dislocation. In just any case, visiting an orthopedic knee specialist in Austin and consulting with him for possible treatment can bring great outcome for you.

As the biggest joint in your body, the knee is made from four prime components and these are ligaments, cartilage, tendons and bones. There are three different bones which unite to form the joint of the knee and these are knee cap, shinbone and thighbone. These bones are further connected with other bones with the help of ligaments. There are four different ligaments in your knee and they are strong enough. The prime work of these ligaments is to hold those bones strongly and to provide ample stability to the knee. The knee joint is also surrounded by muscles and these are connected to the knee with the help of tendons. There is a quadriceps tendon that connects the thigh muscles with patella and the tendon that stretches from the patella to the shinbone is called as patellar tendon.

As the knee is made from some vital components, you cannot just mention that these vital components will not come across any kind of injury. As they are the part of the biggest joint in the human body, they are considered to be pretty much vulnerable to injuries. Patella like bone is very vulnerable to fracture like issue. Most of the fracture related injuries are found with this bone. In case your bones associated with the knee go out-of-place, dislocation can occur. However, knee dislocation can occur partially or fully. In case a person is having abnormality in the structure of his knee, then also dislocation may occur.

For those who have proper knee structure, dislocation like issue can appear when they go through trauma that can arise when they fall awkwardly, come across accidents, and sports related activities. An orthopedic knee specialist in Austin can help you determine the real cause behind your knee injury. He can also mention which component of your knee has received the injury.  This knee specialist Austin is also the member of Austin Knee Institute. His knowledge and expertise as the knee specialist can be best used to rectify your knee problem that is creating so much of problems for you.

Joseph Smith is the best knee specialist Austin. When you are looking for the most professional orthopedic knee specialist in Austin, this name is going to appear as the top choice.

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