Options For Infertility Treatment In Aurangabad

by Deepak Bhardwaj Digital Marketing Expert

Many women are getting diagnosed with multiple issues related to fertility which gets in the way of getting pregnant and are desperate to find a solution to this problem. Here are some means by which Infertility Treatment in Aurangabad takes place in which several tests are performed on the women to pinpoint the cause of infertility. Fertility test in Samarth Hospital includes-

Ovulation test

Your doctor will detect the surge in luteinizing hormone (LH) that occurs before the ovulation or menstruation time. They will also perform some blood test for progesterone (hormones produced after ovulation) to find that if you are ovulating or not. The doctor will also check your hormone levels, such as prolactin. 


In this procedure, your fertility specialist will inject you with X-ray into your uterus to detect abnormalities in the uterine cavity. With the help of the test, it can be determined whether the fluid passes out of the uterus or not and go out of fallopian tubes. If there are abnormalities are found in the uterine cavity, then you will need further tests. The doctors can help women by flushing out the fluid in the fallopian tube to open it. 

Ovarian reserve testing

In this test, the doctor determines the quality and quantity of eggs that are ovulated in the ovaries. Women over 30 have the risk of the deletion of the egg supply, and many need further ovulation. 

Hormone testing 

There are other services of test performed by the fertility centre to check the level of levels of hormones produced during ovulation, thyroid and pituitary hormones that are responsible for reproductive processes.

Infertility treatment in Aurangabad

The infertility treatment depends upon the cause of the issue, your age, duration of infertility and your personal preference. With the help of your doctors and series and tests, you can determine the scientific cause that is enabling you to have children. According to the cause of infertility, your doctor will prescribe you with a series of drugs to cause ovulation and hormone balancing drugs to balance the hormone level and surgery also in some cases. There are many women you need one or more than one therapy to restore fertility. 

Alternative treatments

Many women have overcome their infertility by changing their lifestyle and opting for a fitness regime. Your body requires a certain level of nutrients like vitamins and minerals, in order to function to its fullest. You can include healthy foods items in your diet and cut the consumption of fast foods and other unhealthy food items. Women who tend to exercise daily experience fewer irregularities in their ovulation. Being overweight and underweight can also reduce fertility. Doing light exercise daily can keep your body fit and enhance the production of various fertility hormones in your body. Choosing a healthy lifestyle can definitely improve the chances of conception. 

There are many ways by which fertility treatment centres can help you overcome your problems; you just have to find the right one. Samarth Hospital is one such clinic; you can consult for your various infertility treatment in Aurangabad. 

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