Online Bingo: Adapting to the Online Gaming Sector Gradually

by Amit K. Marketing Manager

With the lockdown in place and everyone remaining inside, there's a lot of time to kill, and you're always wondering how. Bingo has had a tumultuous past. The classic pen-and-paper game has grown from something played in community halls to almost entirely online activity, but there is evidence that both modes of play are regaining popularity with the general public.

Bingo has become a normal daily pastime for some populations in the United Kingdom, where it gained most of its early popularity in the 1940s. Other regions of the world, however, love playing bingo with little to no modifications to the established rules. The game is known as ‘Kinzo' in Quebec, for example, while the variation played in India is known as ‘Housie,' named after the traditional winning call.

The Zoom Effect in Bingo

While some bingo operators have made changes to the game, such as incorporating slots-style gameplay (dubbed "Slingo") and incorporating pop culture phenomena to attract new audiences, many online bingo games simply adjust the ticket price and jackpot size to keep the game familiar to veteran players. Because many bingo halls have minimal admission fees, the game is generally low-risk for novices.

However, as previously said, bingo's recent history is characterized by a sea shift in how the game is played, not so much in the rules as in how it is accessed by its followers. Bingo's simplicity may look rigid on paper, but its successful transition to the internet environment is unusual for board games. It might be argued that most board games lose their allure once the cardboard and plastic are removed from the equation.

It has just lately made the transition to electronic play in India. According to the Hindu Times, by 2020, certain bingo applications have grown by up to 200 percent. This pattern is nearly common in game-specific software. According to the same publication, the video calling software Zoom has also contributed to the game's popularity. Collectives connected through the program are playing pen and paper versions of bingo.

A Modern Town Hall

Many experts (and tabloids) have weighed in on the subject of bingo's popularity. Their findings have been interesting, though not particularly ground-breaking. Along with bridge and video games, Housie and bingo provide seniors with cognitive workouts and a sense of camaraderie. Because of format changes, there is no more room at the table for new viewers. However, in smaller towns, actual bingo halls might serve as a stand-in for the town hall. They give a sort of gathering space that is almost non-existent in this decade.

The different types of bingo games

90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo is the most conventional online bingo game, and it is the closest to the games played in bingo halls around the country.

The aim is to mark one line, two lines, or a full house of matching numbers within 90 ball calls, depending on the game.

If you shout “bingo” within 45 balls or fewer, you may win even more money — a progressive jackpot – so it truly pays to keep your eyes on the screen.

75 Ball Bingo

The name gives the game away. Instead of the standard 90 balls, this online bingo game has 75 balls. The aim is to create patterns on your grid, which might vary depending on the game but can include a cross, diamond, blackout, and so on.

52 Ball Bingo

52 Ball Bingo is a hybrid of the two games mentioned above. The key distinction here is that the balls are playing cards – hence the number 52, which corresponds to the number of cards in a normal deck. Players are given five cards and must tick them off as they are called.


A combination of slots and bingo. You have a bingo card with numbers on it, and you spin the reels to cross them off.

Each participant is given one Slingo card that contains 25 numbers organized in five columns (it looks a little like a 75-ball bingo card). After that, the player presses the spin button to obtain five digits at a time, which displays at the bottom of the card. If your card has one of the numbers, it will be marked off the list. The goal is to make Slingos earn a reward.

When a player checks off five digits diagonally, horizontally, or vertically, he or she has completed a Slingo. Each Slingo earns points, and the player with the most points wins.

Special symbols may appear instead of numbers during the game.

The rules differ across versions, but the fundamentals remain the same in every online Slingo game.

Bingo Roulette

The caller spins the roulette wheel to produce numbers, which is a fun alternative to bingo calls.

So, what comes next? It's impossible to predict where bingo and Housie will go from here, but the two games' resurgence as communal pastimes has brought their growth full circle. Because of their capacity to coexist with more complex hobbies like video and board games, bingo and Housie should remain relevant for the foreseeable future. However, are individuals still ready to trek to their local bingo hall?


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