One of the best ways to relax is to carve wood

by Steve Jefferson Wood Carver

Carving as a relaxing hobby

The good way to cope with boredom and daily routine is wood carving. Great news that you don’t need to buy much stuff. All that you need is a piece of wood and a sharp knife and you’ll be able to create some project out of wood.

Don’t wait for a perfect moment and try this interesting hobby right away. So many video tutorials are available on Youtube. Moreover, you can find many experienced woodcarvers in woodcarving groups on Facebook. If you want to know more about whittling basics or methods of sharpening knives, just search on the Internet and you’ll find many useful articles.

Wood carving is a kind of therapy because that helps you to chase away heavy thoughts. Working with a sharp knife requires concentration and attention, so you won’t be able to get back to your daily routine.

There are some types of wood carving.

  • Carving wooden spoons. This type of woodcarving includes carving many different utensils for the household as cups, bowls, kuksas, and others.

  • Carving a wooden caricature. It’s a well-known type of woodcarving. I’m sure that you’ve seen many interesting projects on Pinterest, so now it is your turn to carve your favorite character out of wood.

  • Chip carving or geometric carving. To start you need a small wooden plank and some knives. This type of carving requires being very attentive to tiny details in your project.

What wood carving tools do you need to start with?

If you’re looking for good and reliable wood carving tools to start your new hobby, I recommend you to try BeaverCraft tools. It’s a company in Ukraine that makes durable hand tools for a fair price.

Before you start your new hobby, make sure to choose the most suitable wood. I recommend carving with basswood because it belongs to the softwood, so it’s the most suitable wood for a beginner. A little bit later, you’ll be able to carve harder types of wood as for example, cherrywood. I love creating new projects of cherry wood as it has a great brownish finish.

Useful tips:

Be always careful and wear cutting gloves or at least a thumb guard to avoid cuts during the work with a sharp knife. Besides, you should always keep your tools sharp, so strop them before, during and after each use. Usually, wood carving tools are made of high carbon steel because it’s the most suitable steel but there is a high risk to get them rusted if there is at least one small sign of moisture. That’s why keep them in a dry place.

Final thoughts: 

  • Whittling is a really relaxing hobby that helps you to leave all your troubles and concentrate on wood and your new beautiful project.

  • Start with soft types of wood as basswood.

  • Always keep your knives razor-sharp

So, don’t wait, choose the wood and tools and make your first project out of wood!

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