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What makes happy & prosperous family, a kid? Beyond a shadow of doubt, child is the only one who squeals the entire house with happiness. Unfortunately, numerous family / couples are not potent to bear a child by their own and some women could not able to hold a baby in her womb due to her issue of uterus or may be her infertility issue. Surrogacy in Mumbai is the best solution to get to the bottom of this infertility issue. When a woman carries your baby for you and hand over the baby after nine month, the entire procedure is called ‘Surrogacy’. Surrogacy Mumbai is the A-1 fertility treatment for those couples who are unable to conceive and have undergone almost all top rated fertility treatments.

Surrogacy Mumbai is that ultimate option and a golden opportunity for those barren couples who have experienced several times miscarriages and got failure in IVF/ICSI treatment. No Worries! As Surrogacy process in Mumbai is totally uncomplicated and untroublesome for both- the intended parent (who wish to do surrogacy) and a surrogate (who will carry a baby of intended parent). Only one thing you need to carry by yourself before going through this process and that is- Patience and trust. Go IVF Surrogacy gives incomparable and finest treatment of Surrogacy and other fertility treatments.

There are two types of Surrogacy in Mumbai -Gestational & Traditional Surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, a surrogate carries a baby in her womb by the process of Artificial insemination (it is a technique in which semen sample is collected by the male partner, washed by a special method, and placed in the uterus at the time of female’s ovulation). In this surrogacy method, a surrogate uses her own eggs, which at the time of her ovulation fertilizes by the intended male partner’s sperm. In traditional one, there is a risk of emotional attachment and that’s the reason why in India traditional surrogacy is not chosen by the intended couple. In Gestational surrogacy Mumbai, a gestational surrogate upraises an embryo into a baby. The baby in gestational surrogacy will have in every respect close and genetic relation with his/her actual parent. Yes, here sperms and eggs are collected from the actual parent and hence, the baby is entirely belonged to them. This is the reason why gestational is chosen over traditional surrogacy. 

Now, the question comes that who can go for the surrogacy treatment in Mumbai, here’s your answer, those couples who have met with unsuccessful fertility treatments like IVF/ICSI etc., women who have faced two at the row miscarriages in her life, those women who have all well functioning proper ovulation cycle but unable to hold a baby in the uterus (due to medical issue), those woman who has her uterus removed because of the surgery of hysterectomy, is the best candidate for surrogacy.

And, here we almost reached at the end of the details of the Surrogacy in Mumbai. There are certain rules and screening tests, which must have to fulfill by the surrogate. Screening tests are done to check the blood tests, to detect any infections or any severe disease, if any genetic disorder is there, if all the reports are negative then the surrogate is qualified. Some rules to choose a surrogate are; a surrogate must have a pleasant personality, she must have had given birth to least one child prior to the agreement of the surrogacy, her family should be supporting, must be not less than 21 and above 40, far from any addiction (smoke, drink or drugs), never be a patient of depression or any severe diseases, knowledge of how to take care baby in her womb for nine month.

These are all about the process of Surrogacy in Mumbai. Agreement of surrogacy in Mumbai is crystal clear and trouble-free steps. The law of Surrogacy in Mumbai is simply a clear agreement that each party ought to sign in order to be no confusion and the method will run smoothly. The agreement states that when the birth of the baby from the surrogate happens, the baby will be handed over to the intended couple and all the expenses for the surrogates are going to be bear by supposed parent of the baby including food, clothing, accommodation etc. Success rate of the surrogacy in Mumbai is higher than other states of India. So, if you are outlining a plan to go for surrogacy Mumbai, then it is the time to bloom yourself and your family.

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