Nose Job Is A Life-Altering Plastic Surgery Procedure For Many People Out There

by Ronit Roy Health Educator & Consultant

Plastic surgery is often considered as a misunderstood medical procedure. Most people assume that cosmetic surgery is just for those who are not happy with their appearance and use an extravagant amount of money to make it more beautiful. Built is is not true. Many a time, this is also crucial from a health perspective. Plastic surgery comprises of 2 major subcategories, namely the cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. The former of these type aims to modify the aesthetics of the body, while the later one aims to improve the functionality of the body.

It happens many times that people totally overlook the possibility that they might be needing some plastic surgery and suffer for a long time. Let’s understand it with the help of a case study.

Plastic Surgery

Miss Saumitra Ghosh always felt her nose was a little out of the place, not just in the mirror but also felt strange every time she breathes, particularly due to cold migraine. She always uses to manage them quite effectively with her over-the-counter drugs and long sleep regime till noon. However, last winter she got a really bad migraine and cold and her meds didn't work so well. Ultimately, she had to consult a doctor. Her doctor asked her to undergo an extensive diagnosis and then it was revealed that her nose bone was abnormality large and was obstructing a part of the nasal cavity.

The doctor gave some medication as a remedy. However, he advised considering plastic surgery to fix the address for once and for all. She took her advice and sought consultation from an expert plastic surgeon. After a few more tests, her surgery was scheduled. The surgery went flawless and the result was amazing.

She was advised to keep a close eye in her breathing pattern for a few months, after the surgery to ensure the cooperation went good. Miss Ghosh was now being able to breathe better and she no longer gets those annoying episodes of migraines episodes. It was a life-altering procedure for her. She now educates people regarding the importance of such surgical produces to people in need.

It is advised for every people who are dealing with some of the other kind of deformities, to consider plastic surgery. Enough awareness is required in this regard. The scope of plastic surgery is quite huge and timely measure will help these people leading a better life ahead.  

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