Necessary Skills you need to Consider while Hiring a React JS Developer

by Rob Stephen getaprogrammer

If you have decided to get your project built with React JS, the first thiing you need to do is look for the ideal React JS developer. Here are the necessary skills you must consider while hiring the developer for your business project.  


Are you looking for a React JS developer for your project? However, finding the ideal programmer to meet your project requirements can be a daunting task. Before choosing the developer for your project, you must evaluate your project needs first and then look for traits like industry experience, technical skills, quality of work, and the other related qualities. And here’s an article that will help you out with this. 


React JS is a JavaScript library that is open-source in nature and is used to build interactive User Interfaces. It also helps in fixing issues of the partially updated web pages. React JS is a good choice for developing single-page web applications. Some well-known tech-giants like Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and more use React JS. 


Nearly 9.6 million live websites and over 10,000 renowned companies across the globe are presently using React. And the key reason for its increasing popularity is fast rendering, ease of using it, flexibility, convenience, and the other features that help in creating user-friendly UIs. 


According to Statista, React JS has acquired the first ranking for the most popular web development framework with 40.14 percent of respondents. React JS works with full potential if used rightly. It has the necessary features for creating top-notch UIs but the features have to be utilised correctly. This makes it crucial to choose developers having specialisation and expertise in using React. 


For hiring a skilled and expert React developer, assessing their technical skills is extremely important and here’s the list of necessary technical skills you should look for in the developer. 


Due to the increasing use and popularity of React, business owners expect a lot from the programmers. However, you need to look for these skills discussed below to meet the project requirements and an ROI-driven result. 


Knowledge of JavaScript and EcmaScript:

React JS programmers must have strong knowledge of JavaScript, JS features, functions, and syntax. They must have knowledge and expertise in ES6 syntax, functions, event building, hoisting, JavaScript scope, and DOM manipulation. A detailed and solid understanding of EcmaScript is also required for developing spontaneous web applications. 


Technical expertise:

An ideal ReactJS programmer must know about advanced HTML, HTML5, JSON, Rest APIs, ESLint, and Scsslint. Also, they must be familiar with React JS core concepts, JSX, props, component lifecycle methods, functional components, classes, and hooks. They must have proficiency in using other platforms as well like Jenkins, Joho, Jira, etc. 


Experience in using various frameworks and testing tools:

React JS programmers must have hands-on experience in using various unit-testing tools like Chai, Mocha, Tape, Sinon, Jest, and more. Also, they should have proficiency in integrating testing tools such as Karma. The programmers must have a strong knowledge of frameworks like Cypress, Selenium, Cucumber JS, Puppeteer, WebDriver work, etc. 


Multiple technologies:

You must choose the programmer who has expertise in using multiple technologies related to React JS like the MERN stack, etc. The developer must know about the Express-React combination along with the MERN stack for dealing with server load and for creating full-stack JS web applications, and easily manage several requests. 


Understanding of Version Control Systems:

For hosting a complex or tricky website or web application, you will need a developer who is well-versed in Version Control Systems like Firebase, TFS, SVN, Git, Mercurial, and more. Having knowledge in Version Control Systems is essential for comparing old and new codes, reducing the possible errors rapidly and effectively, and assessing the current codes. 


Knowledge of the JS build tools:

You must look for React JS programmers who are well-aware of various JS tools and Redux Dev tools. They should have proficiency in maximising the React library and using different build tools like NPM, Yarn, Visual Studio Code, and Webpack. 


The programmers must know how to optimise the workflows, control dependencies using JS build tools, and install packages. 


Understanding of React basics and different styling methods:

The developers must be aware of the Create React Application and its functions. They should be experts in using technologies like NextJS, Babel, etc. Moreover, the programmers should have mastery in popular CSS techniques such as CSS preprocessors like SCSS, SASS, and LESS, and different CSS frameworks like MaterialUI and Bootstrap for styling the React components. 


React JS Workflows:

Efficient React JS programmers can easily manage and prioritise the state management. Their portfolio must display quality and performance optimised works. Furthermore, they should have familiarity with popular structures and libraries like React Native, React Router, MobX, Redux, Axios, and more. Knowledge of React hooks can be a plus point. 


Sprint Planning:

While choosing React JS programmers, make sure to consider this point. The developers should that they can plan and complete the tasks within the given deadline. In other words, make sure to choose the programmers who have expertise in Sprint Planning. They should be able to deal with different task management tools for tracking and sharing the advancements of the project sprints. 


Flexible Learning Curve:

React JS is one of the best JS libraries for web development that undergoes plenty of progress and changes every day. The programmers should always be ready to learn these progresses and technologies whenever required. 


Apart from these technical skills, consider soft skills like interpersonal skills, communication skills, teamwork, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills as well while hiring your React JS developer


Rob Stephen is a dedicated React JS developer associated with the best React JS development company in Australia, GetAProgrammer. The author has written this article to help you to find an ideal React JS programmer for your project considering some necessary technical and soft skills and abilities.

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